ColtPower Interview, Part Two: Shane Andrus

Ten kickoffs. Ten field goals. As Bill Polian and others watched Shane Andrus kick, they knew they had a bonafide candidate for the Colts kicking spot for 2006. Find out why he could end up being the Colts' only kicker on the roster this season.

In part two of our interview with Shane tells us about how he landed the tryout in Indianapolis, and all about his tryout against three other kickers -- former Colt Martin Grammatica, and a pair of former Virginia Tech kickers -- Jimmy Kibble and Carter Warley. And Shane also tells us what he plans to do to get ready for his April debut as an Indianapolis Colt.

Q:  You recently switched agents. Tell us about what how you met Ferrell Elliott and how he helped you.

SA:  I switched agents about three months ago. Ferrell went to Murray State University, and my buddy, Justin Ard -- a player from Murray State who was a year behind me -- signed with Ferrell. And he got him on the Louisville Fire (Arena League). And I couldn't get anything going -- Arena, CFL or anything. So Justin hooked me up with Ferrell and I signed with him. After that, we talked occasionally and then he told me to send one of my DVDs to Chris Polian of the Colts along with a letter. About three weeks after I mailed it, Chris Polian called me and 3-4 days later I was at the workout -- and then I was signed.

Q:  You go to Indy for your tryout. You walk into the building ... what was the process like, who did you meet?

SA:  Well, I saw Martin Grammatica so I knew I had a little competition when I saw who I was going up against. I met Bill Polian, Chris Polian, (special teams coach) Russ Purnell, a couple other coaches and the Director of Pro Scouting. And them all of them were there watching the four us. Being in front of the president of the Colts and having an opportunity to showcase what I could do was a great opportunity.   

Q:  Walk us through the workout and what they had you do.

SA: Ten field goals, ten kickoffs. I hit nine out of ten field goals, including one from 50 and another from 52. And they were right down the middle. I hit them solid. And these were brand new NFL footballs which I don't get to kick a lot. I buy a few new ones each year, but of course they get worn down. But that's the only thing that was a real concern. I wasn't sure how far I'd be able to kick a brand new NFL ball. 

Q:  What about your ten kickoffs?

SA:  They were all right around the end zone and the goal line. I'd say my average for the ten kicks was around the 2- or 3-yard line even though I was kicking a brand new NFL football like I'd have to use on game day. And I was averaging around a 4-second hang time. I know one of them was 4.23 hang time. 

Q:  And let me get this straight. In addition to that you hit two 50-yard field goals and only missed one?

SA:  They were 50 and 52 yards out, but they would have still been good from 55 or 56 yards. Hunter Smith was holding for each of us. I think I missed about a 40-yarder. I had a solid workout. They took a chance on me, and that's all I wanted was a chance.

Q:  Did you get the feeling from the Colts that you'll be competing to handle both kickoffs and field goals for them? Or do you think they are primarily looking at you as a kickoff specialist?

SA: I'm not sure, but I think things are open right now. Pretty much what they told me is that they're going to make it competitive enough that someone will likely separate themselves. But whether or not it will be strictly field goals or kickoffs or both, I'm not entirely sure yet. But that's my goal is to do both. I don't care who's there ... I'm going to put everything I've got out there.

Q:  What will you be doing between now and April to prepare yourself for this great opportunity?

SA: I met with their strength coach and went over a few things with him. And they gave me some exercises and some stretching to do. But I'm not going to be doing a lot of kicking because come April I know we'll be kicking a lot and working pretty hard, so they want me to rest my leg. Working on flexibility is my main goal. Then I'm going to come in a couple of weeks early in mid-March and try to get ahead of the game a little bit.


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