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A former Colt shares his thoughts on the Wonderlic test ... and how did Colts quarterback Peyton Manning do on it ... an update on a former Colt, some interesting mock draft choices for Indy and more in today's Newswire!

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For a fun article on the Combine's Wonderlic test, check out No Wonder the Wonderlic Carries Weight at It includes some good quotes by former Colts offensive lineman Hans Olsen who is now playing Arena Football for the Utah Blaze. The article explains that gauging a player's thought process, especially under pressure since you have 12 minutes to complete 50 questions, is one of the goals of the test. Because they'll need that mental capacity to perform under pressure.

"In 2003, we were playing the Chicago Bears, and I'm still fresh at being an offensive lineman after switching from defense," Olsen said. "I'm down in my stance, and [quarterback Peyton Manning ] cancels the first three plays and calls a trick play they installed back in camp. I didn't even know if it was a run or a pass. I'm thinking to myself, ‘Great, I'm going to be the guy who misses his assignment and gets Peyton Manning killed.' "

Another article on the Wonderlic by John Smallwood at points out that Wonderlic scores don't always point out whether or not a player will be successful in the NFL. In the article, he claims that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning scored a 28, while Ryan Leaf -- a total washout in the NFL -- scored a 27. Meanwhile, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb reportedly scored a 12 and Dan Marino supposedly only scored a 14. It's an article worth taking a minute to read.

Mock Drafts
Charles Robinson at Yahoo!Sports has the Colts picking DE/OLB Manny Lawson with their first-round pick. Robinson said, "Lawson (6-5, 241) posted a 4.42-second 40-yard dash and a 39½-inch vertical, but it didn't end there. He blew away the competition in the agility and explosiveness drills. Despite working out with highly acclaimed teammate Mario Williams, it was Lawson who delivered the most surprising buzz."  You can check out his entire first-round mock by clicking here

Pete Fiutak of has his updated mock draft up at He's got the Colts going with Florida State linebacker Ernie Sims, whose stock appeared to be on the rise based on his Combine workouts. "The Colts have thrived on getting slightly undersized defensive playmakers who do nothing but play really, really well," he says. "Sims' speed will make the improving D even stronger." Check out Pete's full first-round mock draft by clicking here.

Stadium Update
It appears the new stadium in Indianapolis won't exactly have a "ring" to it. As is reporting, the new stadium will be called Lucas Oil Stadium. "I know a lot of people are saying, ‘Lucas Oil - that doesn't roll off your mouth very good, Lucas Oil Stadium,'" said Forrest Lucas, founder of Lucas Oil. "But after you do it a few times it will."

I've got one word for him ... doubtful.

I actually liked one of the suggestions in our Fan Forum where someone said that perhaps fans will simply call it, "The Luke."

Former Colts Update

Wide receiver Adam Herzing, an undrafted free agent by the Colts back in 2002, recently signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  A former practice squad and regular roster player in 2002 and 2003, Herzing has made the rounds over the past two years, spending time in San Francisco, in NFL Europe, and on the Detroit Lions practice squad.

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