Edgerrin James' Contract Details

Even if the Colts wanted to, there was no way they could have matched the deal that the Arizona Cardinals reportedly put in front of him on Saturday.

As contract details are being leaked, it's no small wonder that Edgerrin James didn't keep shopping his services to other teams. If the numbers being bantered about in the media are accurate, neither the Colts nor practically any other team could have matched the Cardinals' offer. And for the few that could have, they most likely wouldn't have done it.

But the Cardinals were dead set on getting the man that would help sell more tickets and who could bring much-needed balance to their offense.

Let the Edgerrin James mania begin in Arizona. It certainly did on Saturday.

Reports are indicating that James got a 4-year deal worth $30 million, including a $7 million signing bonus. That's a million short of the signing bonus that Seattle's Shaun Alexander was given.

But wait. According to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, James will put $14.75 million in the bank by the time he hangs up his cleats at the end of his first season in Arizona. And he will reportedly earn a grand total of $20 million by the end of his second season. Both FoxSports.Com and ESPN.com are reporting that in additin to his initial signing bonus of $7 million, he'll get a $4.5 million roster bonus on the seventh day of the 2006 league year, which would be in the next day or so. The base salaries in the contract are $3.25 million (for 2006), $5.25 million (2007), $5 million (2008) and $5 million (2009).

Not bad work if you can get it.

"It's a great situation. All they really need is a back," James said at a press conference. "They've got an MVP quarterback, they've got two Pro Bowl receivers. They got a back and they're going to shore up the offensive line."

Colts head coach Tony Dungy told the Associated Press that he was happy for James.

"He was fantastic for us the time we were here, we wish we could have kept him but you can't keep everyone," he said.

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