Edgerrin James Press Conference Highlights

Edgerrin James talked to the media for the first time as an Arizona Cardinal. Here's what he had to say...

On why he picked Arizona:
"It is a nice situation. I feel like all they (Cardinals) were missing was a back. They have a MVP quarterback and two Pro Bowl receivers and all they were needed was a back. The system that Coach Green runs is similar to what Coach (Tony) Dungy runs in terms of practice and everything so that was big to me. The guys, they wanted me to come out here and so for me, I am easy going. As long as I get the ball and get a chance to make some plays, I am all in."

On whether the Cardinals past record was a concern:
"Yeah but they (Cardinals ownership) said they were going to do what it takes to start winning. That is one thing I told the players, I asked them what is what like around here because I am not used to that. For so many years we have been winning. I saw Coach Green and I went to him and I told him that we have this thing called victory Monday, and I said 'If we win on Sunday, do we get that day off?' and he didn't turn it down so that was good."

Dennis Green:
"I think a part of it is, as I said, coming from Miami and Indianapolis, that Indianapolis program had to be built and it was built. Even at one time, Miami's program was built. I remember the old days with Snellenberger. So getting a player who is used to having success is a big part of it. We know this, Edgerrin James averages 100 yards a game we are going to be a very successful playoff team."

On whether he is disappointed on how things ended in Indianapolis:
"It is just part of the business. I don't have any hard feelings or any of that. For me, it is no big deal and I am glad that I am in a situation where I don't have to go anywhere and it is a terrible city or whatever. This city is nice. You have a new dome, well not dome, but a convertible stadium. Hey, the weather is nice and like Mr. Bidwill said, just go drop the top and go play football. I like riding in convertibles, I am used to driving in old cars with convertible tops so playing in a stadium like that is going to be nice."

On whether he will be here in the offseason:
"I already talked to Coach Green and I have a plan. I want to take my same approach. I am going to do what I have to do to be ready for the game. This year I want to make sure I am around so me and the guys can get familiar with each other. I talked to Kurt (Warner) already and it is just a matter of being ready to play on Sunday. That is the bottom line, being able to play and knowing exactly what you have to do. You don't want to make too many mistakes out there."

On what Anquan Boldin said to him at the charity basketball game:
"We were on the same team so we were just sitting there talking and he said that all the team needed was a back. He said 'you run against six or seven men in the box' and he is tired of having everybody covering him. He said he was tired of everybody dropping back. He said that if we could just get a back, the team wants to win. I asked him about Coach Green's system and he said that the system was perfect. It is a perfect system where you won't kill yourself at practice and you will be ready for the games."

On whether he had concerns about the offensive line:
"They just signed a new guy so they are working to get it better. As long as it is a priority then it is alright. They are making it a priority and I am quite sure if there are any other problems they are going to continue to do what is right to help this team get going. When you can put up a lot of points it is exciting. It is exciting for the whole city. We like to score. In Indianapolis everybody was fighting for the ball. We want to see if we can get that type of attitude around here, everybody fighting for the ball."

On why the signing happened so fast and whether Arizona was the only team he looked at:
"It was a nice situation and it had all the pieces. It has everything that you want, nice weather and you are going into a new stadium. As a running back, when you have those two receivers it makes it so much better. Then, with Coach Green, he is running the same type of system that Coach Dungy is running, well, Coach Dungy is running your system. I like both of them so that right there works."

On the money:
"It is alright. It is cool to get that done but now that that is out of the way it about making sure we are ready to play. You don't want to get out in a new situation where you are uncomfortable or disappointed that you made a rush decision. After you get the financial part taken care of you can say 'Okay, it is time to make some plays.' I told Coach (Green) that I hoped this wasn't going to mess up my 100-yard games. I am used to getting 100 yards a lot and I told him that I liked to get yards and I like to make plays and I like moving the ball on offense. They said that we were going to do that here."

On the trend towards teams going after younger running backs:
"You know everybody is going to say that. Once one person says something everybody kind of says it, that is just the nature of the business. When you look at it, me and Shaun Alexander, we played and we did what we had to do. The way I look at it is, if you look back in the day you have guys like Walter Payton and you have Marcus Allen. Those guys played 16 years, 14 years, and the technology wasn't as good as it is now. Back in the day you couldn't come back from an ACL injury and now you can come back without any problem. So I think it is all on a player and his approach when he gets hurt and how he goes from there and doing the right things to get right.

On whether he sees this as a fresh start:
"It is cool and it is exciting. I am not scared to take a chance. I am not scared to go out there out on a limb and do something different. If I was nervous I probably would have done whatever it took to stay back where I was at, but I am cool with it. I looked at everything that was important to me and I said 'let's work out the other part' and now it is a done deal."

On catching passes out of the backfield:
"It is just trying to make a play. Sometimes all you want to do is make a play. That is what we thrive off of. That is my mindset and talking to Fitzgerald and Boldin, that is there mindset. Kurt, he is all for that. He wants to go out and make plays and that is what it is all about, to make it exciting. You don't want to go out there and not do well. Every Sunday you want to go out and do well. Back in Indianapolis that is what kind of drove us, to make plays and to keep it exciting and to do something special. You want the crowd to rave about you doing something special. You don't want to just be ordinary."

On what he has to say to the fans:
"We are going to try to make it exciting and we are going to try to make plays. You try to make it a better team and do all that we can do."

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