Will Another Badger Head to Indy in April?

In 2004 it was QB Jim Sorgi. Last year it was DE Jonathan Welsh and RB Anthony Davis. Will the Colts draft another Wisconsin player this year? Jonathan Linder tells you how the Badgers fared in front of NFL scouts at their recent Pro Day.

Brian Calhoun, tailback – Took part in most events, and improved dramatically from his performance at the NFL Scouting Combine … Pro Day results included: a 4.38-second 40-yard dash, 38-inch vertical jump, 6.78-second 3-cone drill and a 4.0-second 20-yard shuttle … weighed in at 204 pounds … Took part in pass-catching drills and caught mock punts and acquitted himself well.

Matt Bernstein, fullback – Took part in a full workout after missing most of his senior season while suffering from osteitis pubis, an inflammation of the muscles at or near the pubic symphysis, which is the point at which the right and left pubic bones meet. Bernstein, who weighed in at a relatively lithe (for him) 259 pounds, posted 25 reps at 225 pounds on the bench press (tied for the highest at UW's pro day Wednesday), 33 ½ inches on the vertical jump, a 4.8-second 40-yard dash, a 4.34-second 20-yard shuttle and a 7.27-second 3-cone drill.

Dontez Sanders, linebacker – 33 ½ inch vertical jump… six reps on the bench press.

LaMarr Watkins, linebacker – Had a 30 ½ inch vertical jump and did 16 reps on the bench press.

Donovan Raiola, center – 25 reps on the bench press. Did not take part in running or jumping tests, but did participate in positional drill work.

Jason Palermo, guard/center – Did 18 reps on the bench press and had a 29-inch vertical jump.

Levonne Rowan, cornerback – Pulled his hamstring while running a 4.28 40-yard dash and did not participate in the rest of the drills.

Owen Daniels, tight end – Did not take part in running, jumping or lifting tests after performing well at the combine, but ran routes and caught passes for the scouts. Looked better than he did during his senior season, when he was hampered by injury.

Jason Pociask, tight end – 36-inch vertical jump, 4.73-second 40-yard dash, 4.24-second 20-yard shuttle, 12-second 60-yard shuttle, 36-inch vertical jump…weighed in at 264 pounds… Started slow in the pass receiving drills, but toward the end was doing as well as any receiver, running back or tight end in attendance…. He has individual workouts scheduled with the New England Patriots for March 14 and with the Dallas Cowboys for March 20. Will also set one up with the Atlanta Falcons.

Jonathan Orr, wide receiver – Ran the fastest 40-yard dash time Wednesday, covering the distance in a mere 4.25 seconds. Also tied for the best vertical jump at 39 inches.

Brandon White, wide receiver – Took part in every drill… 14 reps on the bench press, 35-inch vertical jump.

Brandon Williams, wide receiver – Ran well, as he did at the NFL Combine. Williams ran a 4.4 40-yard dash Wednesday and had a 39-inch vertical jump.

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