Dominic Rhodes: Premium Edition

What's Dominic been told about his role in 2006? Premium Members find out below as our interview continues...

Question: What were some of the questions the Colts asked you in regards to how you saw your role with the team and your ability to step up into the starter's role?

Dominic Rhodes: They were asking me about how I'd feel if they were going to draft another running back, and if I wanted to be here -- really just feeling out my passion for wanting to be here and part of what's going on right now. I'm excited about getting the opportunity, and that's basically what it was all about. He (Bill Polian) said even if we do draft a guy -- as low as we're drafting -- it is my spot. And as low as we're drafting, there's no way he should be able to beat you out. It was kind of a fun talk, but kind of a serious one, too. Because once you know you've been put in the position of starting, this is a business, so everybody wants to see production. I've shown them production before, but it's not what you do back then, it's what you do now. They don't know for sure if they're going to draft a running back in the first round, but it doesn't matter. Right now I'm looking forward to getting my opportunity and taking advantage of it.

Q:  Since you're moving into the starter's role, do you think they're going to pull you off of kick return duties? Did you talk about that at all?

DR: I didn't. But I figure that's what'll happen. That's what happened my rookie year, I was exclusively the running back. I hope that's what happens anyway (laughs). It's kind of hard to take the pounding you get being a kick returner, and then coming in and playing running back. Kick returner's a tough position. Those guys are coming down at full speed to take your head off all the time. Running back is tough in itself, but being the kick returner is just a way of taking more hits.

Q: Between now and the start of the season, what are you going to focus on the most to make sure you're ready for this opportunity?

DR: Everything. Every offseason I do the same thing, and this year I'll probably do a little more track work, doing some four hundreds and two hundreds and some sprints -- because that's another thing that helps me with my breakaway speed.  I'll be running hills, just doing the things you've seen all the great ones do -- Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, and people like that. The system works ... to be great you just do the same things and hopefully it will work out for you. I'll get to the weight room and will get my lift going a little bit and will be ready to go this year.

Q:  Have you had any twinges from the old ACL injury, or is that totally past history?

DR: Oh man, that's past history. It doesn't bother me at all. It's a blessing to deal with the doctors I deal with. They got my knee together great. It's holding up well, and I feel awesome. It seems like if you put in some hard work on things like that, it'll come back better than it was. And that's what happened. I'm feeling just as good as before I hurt it.

Exclusive Audio Feature: Listen in as Dominic tells you if he's talked to Peyton yet, and a bit about their relationship on the field.

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