Prospect Profile: Chris Chester


Full Name: Chris Chester School: Oklahoma Pos: C

Ht: 6-3.5 Wt: 303 40: 4.90 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Former tight end who started four games at guard last season and three more at center.

Pos: Athletic lineman with terrific upside potential. Plays with good pad level, gets leverage on opponents and a great position blocker. Opens holes in the middle of  the field and attacks assignments. Explosive, jolts defenders at the point and plays hard until the whistle blows. Quickly gets out to the second level and removes linebackers from the play. Solid with the shotgun snap.

Neg: Needs to add bulk, improve his playing strength and learn to finish blocks. Suffered with durability issues in the past.

Analysis: A prospect starting to hit his stride, Chester's combination of explosion and athleticism gives him a decided advantage. Offers starting potential in the NFL as he physically matures.

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