Q&A With Quarterback Tom Arth

Former Colts quarterback Tom Arth talked to us about his tryout experience in Green Bay, the new offense he's learning, and his new opportunity with the Packers.

Following a couple of whirlwind days that led to a contract offer, former Colts quarterback Tom Arth is settling in with his new team, the Green Bay Packers.  ColtPower's Ed Thompson caught up with Tom to ask him a few questions about his new opportunity. 

Question: Tell us a little bit about what's been going on during the offseason that led to this visit with Green Bay.

Tom Arth: Basically, I've just been working out, lifting weights, running and throwing while waiting for an opportunity to work out for teams. Fortunately, a couple of weeks ago I was able to go out to Arizona State and throw at their Pro Day for wide receiver Derrick Hagan. He's also a client of my agent. So I went out there to throw and there were about 25 teams represented there. I think that was a great experience for me, it got my name out there a little bit and gave people a chance to see me. Then last Sunday at about 9:45 at night, I got a phone call and was told that Green Bay wanted me to come out Monday morning. So I got on my flight Monday morning and headed out.

Q:  If you got the call late that night, how in the world did you sleep?

TA: I didn't sleep that well, especially since they told me someone would be in touch with me later that night to give me my flight information for Monday morning, and nobody got back to me Sunday night. So I didn't sleep real well not knowing what time my flight would be or what time I needed to be up. But then they called me at about 9:30 in the morning and told me my flight was at 11:30 (laughs), so there wasn't much time to get ready.

Q:  I also heard Cleveland had some interest in you?

TA:  Yeah, actually I had a workout scheduled with Cleveland for today (Wednesday), that we ended up pushing back to Friday. So if Green Bay didn't sign me, I could have gone to Cleveland to work out with the Browns on Friday. But obviously with the way things have worked out in Green Bay, I won't have to do that, which is good.

Q:  Walk us through what your day was like in Green Bay on Monday.

TA:  Well, things went kind of the same way they did on Sunday night for me. Monday morning I got off the plane, and there was someone from the Packers waiting for me to drive me back. And he told me we were going right over to their indoor facility because the receiver who was out here for the workout has a plane to catch. He told me they needed to get me there and have me throw right away. So I basically stepped off the plane, and took a ten minute drive to their indoor facility and started throwing. It was hectic.

Q:  Who did the Packers have watching you go through the paces?

TA:  Coach McCarthy was out there, the quarterback coach Tom Clements, the receivers and tight ends coaches, and some of the pro personnel staff.

Listen to our exclusive audio to hear Tom talk about his new opportunity with the Packers and the new offensive scheme he's learning:

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