Calmus is Ready To Rock

Rocky Calmus had his hamstring injury examined in Indy on Wednesday. And he's ready for action.

After roughly seven months of battling pain and working relentlessly to rehab his hamstring, Rocky Calmus got the news he was hoping -- and expecting -- to hear.

He's ready to play football again. All out. With no limitations.

Calmus was in Indianapolis on Wednesday and was examined by the surgeon who repaired his hamstring. The surgery and Calmus' diligent attention to his rehab process were a resounding success. He was told by the surgeon that he was fit and ready to participate in any and all football activities -- without any reservation whatsoever.

Indianapolis currently has a vacancy at their strongside linebacker spot due to the free agency defection of David Thornton to the Tennessee Titans. The Colts have mentioned that they may shift weakside backup Gilbert Gardner to that spot, but Calmus would give them a more veteran presence. At minimum, the Colts could sign Calmus and let the battle between the two be waged in training camp.

Both players have are talented individuals, but Calmus is more versatile, able to play all three linebacker positions. He and Gardner both bring additional value to the team with strong special teams skills.

Calmus hasn't heard from the Colts yet, but is still interested in exploring an opportunity with Indianapolis for 2006 even though he's had some inquiries from other clubs. He's been very impressed by the organization and everyone he's met there. With a clean bill of health, and since the Colts have already invested a year's salary and their seventh-pick in this year's draft in him, the Colts should be taking a serious look at giving him another chance to win a roster spot this season in Indianapolis.

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