Walters Sizes Up Opportunities

ColtPower's Ed Thompson talked to Troy Walters about his prospects as an unrestricted free agent -- and the tough choices he may have to make at this point in his career. As a bonus to this feature, we've included some audio from the interview with Troy, exclusively for our ColtPower Insiders!

Question: Do you have any premonitions, thoughts or indications about how you think this offseason is going to play out since you are an unrestricted free agent? 

Troy Walters: I don't know. You know, I think these first few weeks a lot of the bigger name guys, the guys who are starters, their names will be called. The big, big money will be handed to them. I think I'm more of a second tier, kind of a role player type of guy. But I'm not sure how other teams see me and value me. But I do know, whoever gives me an opportunity, I'm going to work hard. I still think I haven't shown what all I can do. Hopefully, I'll get that opportunity -- hopefully, with the Colts, but if not, then somewhere else.

Q: How does playing time weigh in to your decision process?

TW:  I think it will weigh in a lot. I feel like now I'm in a point at my career, going into my seventh season, that I've got to get on the field and really show people what I can do. As you get up in years, it's hard to just be a role player. When the Colts gave me the opportunity to be a number three or even a number two, I've stepped up to the plate and had big days. So I would definitely to take that into consideration – the opportunity to get out their and play and produce. Because with the Colts, it's hard as a receiver because they've got three great ones in front of me. So it would weigh heavily into my decision.

Q:  Describe what it's like to catch a ball throw by Peyton Manning, compared to other quarterbacks you've worked with?

TW:  I've been blessed. At Minnesota, I was with Daunte Culpepper, and you know Peyton, his throws are very accurate. He's going to hit you right out of the break. He does a great job of putting it where the defenders aren't. So if you're in traffic, he knows how to protect you. He just has the ability to place the ball where the defender is not – place it where it's advantageous for the receiver.

Q:  During the season, who are we most likely to see you relaxing with from the team, and what would you guys be doing to relax?

TW:  We relax a lot in the locker room, in between our meetings. Probably all the receivers – Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokley and Aaron Moorehead. Usually, after meetings or in between meetings, we've got a little card table in the locker room. We'll just hang out, play some cards and wait for the time to expire, before we go to the meetings.

Troy shares his thoughts on the loss of Edgerrin James and how it will impact the Colts offense here in this exclusive audio for ColtPower Insiders:

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