Draft Prospect Q&A: Pitt WR Greg Lee

Pittsburgh wide receiver Greg Lee talked to us about making catches in tight coverage, showing no fear across the middle, his Combine experience and more in this exclusive interview.

Q: You've displayed some great concentration skills, making some terrific catches in tight coverage.  Has that always been a strength for you?  How do you manage to ignore a guy who's all over you when the ball hits your hands? 

Greg Lee: I guess it has always been a strength.  I don't ever ignore the guy; I can always sense that he's there.  Catching a ball in tight coverage is a matter of catching the ball and either preparing yourself for the hit or catching the ball and putting it away so that when he hits you the ball won't come out.  I've never caught the ball in a tight situation, gotten hit and not known the defender was there.  You know you have a job to do when you get the ball, so the defender really has no bearing on whether you catch the ball or not.

Q:  You also seem to find the weak spots in the defense to increase your odds of making the big play, is that more a result of studying game film or simply reacting to what you see at the snap of the ball?

GL: It has a lot to do with game film, but for the most part it is more reaction.  When you've been playing the game as long as I've been playing it (since 3rd grade) you develop an action-reaction thing.  Your body is almost trained to react to certain kinds of things.  Watching game film definitely helps me out so I don't have to rely so much on reaction.

Q:  You had a slight dropoff in receiving yards last year after a strong sophomore year. Do you think teams are realizing that was primarily due to Pitt making a head coach switch that brought in a more balanced offense … and as a result you might be a real steal if you're still available in the fourth round?

GL:  I'm hoping so.  I hope I'll be off the board by the fourth round but I'm not really sure.  They put so much into Combine and 40-times and some other coaches really do watch film and break down a player as far as what he can do on the field.

Q:  I know you take your share of big hits in order to make catches.  You don't show any fear going across the middle.  Do you think that may help you get on the field your rookie year as a slot receiver?

GL:  Yeah, I'm hoping so.  I really don't have any preference where I'm put on the field as long as I'm on there.  Maybe a slot position is more for the shorter, quicker receivers.   

Q:  What was the most enjoyable part of the Combine?

GL:  Meeting the other players that you have watched your entire college career.  I met Reggie Bush, Vince Young and Matt Leinart…all the top guys, and really got to know them as people, rather than just football players. 

Q: What was the hardest part?

GL:  All the testing, we had medical tests the second day I was there.  It's real strenuous.  You have to try to motivate yourself going from test to test.

Q:  Do you think the Combine experience raised your stock or just helped maintain your ground?

GL:  I'm not sure, I think in reference to my interviews, route-running and ball-catching skills, I think I may have raised my stock a little bit.  My 40 time was the best I've ever ran but there were a lot of guys who ran faster than that so I'm not sure what effect that had on my stock.  All in all I think I raised it, if anything.

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