Draft Prospect Q&A: OT Josh House

UTEP's Josh House talked with Scout.com's Ed Thompson about the tranformation of UTEP's football program, execution on the offensive line, and his Pro Day -- where many teams showed interest in him.

Question:  I know UTEP had some tough years early on in your career there but great success your final two years there.  What made the difference? 

Josh House:  I think the staff that Coach Price brought in really made the difference.  We always had the players to compete here, we just didn't believe in ourselves.  When coach Price came in and brought his staff he really helped us believe that we were a good team. 

Q:  How did that whole experience make you a better player of going from a team that struggled then had such great success?

JH:  It definitely helps in the long run because you go through three years where you don't win a game … and then when a coach comes in and turns it around and really helps you believe in yourself it really instills a lot of confidence in yourself and as a team to where you feel like you can do anything.

Q:  In what areas would you say you excel as a run blocker?

JH:  I think I get off the ball quickly and get myself in good position.  I have a good jump off the ball.

Q:  Any style of running back you feel you block better for?

JH:  The offense we ran, it was more of a zone offense.  So to have a running back that's not necessarily a power runner but a real quick runner and a fast cutter, I think that definitely benefited our offensive style.

Q:  UTEP led the conference in passing offense; tell us about your strengths as a pass blocker at the left tackle position.

JH:  As far as a pass blocker, I think the left tackle is the most important because you're protecting the blind side of the quarterback and I took pride in that.  In our offense you're by yourself a lot sometimes you'll get some help from the running back so you don't want to be too aggressive as a pass blocker, you want to let the defender make his move and once he's got all that out of the way you just lock him up and hold your ground.

Q:  Did you miss any time due to injury? I know you had the 24 consecutive starts but prior to that did you have any injuries that sidelined you?

JH:  No, I never missed a game.  After my junior year I had surgery, I got my knee scoped but I rehabbed pretty rigorously and I was able to get back and was full go before spring ball even started.  So I didn't even miss any off-season spring ball either.

Q:  What was the reaction you got from the scouts on your performance during your Pro Day?

JH:  Whenever we were doing the short shuttle I really felt like I ran it pretty well.  I was sticking my cuts, going both directions and I could here them in the background as I was running saying "good job" and "way to stay low" so I felt like I impressed a few of them at least.

Q:  Who were the five teams you said have shown interest in you so far?

JH:  The 49ers, Oakland, Denver, New England and the Colts as far as I know.

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