Joseph Addai: "I'm an Every-Down Back"

LSU's Joseph Addai tells you about his Combine experience, what he's striving to improve, and more in this exclusive interview with ColtPower.

Q: 130 yards rushing and a touchdown in front of a national audience at the Peach Bowl against Miami. How much do you think that boosted your overall profile with pro scouts?

JA: Everybody likes to play them, and I was glad we got the opportunity to do that. Going out there against a team like them, and the way I was able to compete there, it brought up my stock a bit. I don't know how much. But it definitely helped me in the long run.

Q: In what area do you think you have the highest potential to improve the most? 

JA: Just my pad level. I want to keep my pads low. I tend to run a little high at times, so every time I'm in the game I try to think about it. 

Q:  You had a terrific workout at the Combine, including a 4.40 forty-time. While some backs didn't run there, you opted to do a full workout. Why did you decide to do that rather than wait until Pro Day?

JA:  The coaches want to see you perform in front of them. And I didn't want to wait until my Pro Day because not all the coaches attend every Pro Day, you sometimes can end up with less people there. I wanted to perform in front of everybody. 

Q:  Did you end up doing any workouts at your Pro Days after those great numbers you posted at the Combine?

JA:  I didn't run or do any of the drills, I just went out there and caught some balls.

Q:  Was your ankle injury during your senior year drawing a lot of questions at the Combine?

JA:  They asked me all about my history of injuries from the past, but being hurt isn't something you can do anything about. But through my college career, all I really missed was two games. I think I responded really well to the injuries I had. I was still able to come out and perform.

Q:  At the Combine, who were some of the teams that you interviewed with that really stood out to you?

JA:  The Colts, the Chiefs, Carolina, the Falcons, and there were others, but those are at least some of the ones that I felt really stood out.

Q:  What were the most important things you told coaches and general managers that you wanted them to remember?

JA:  That I'm an every down back. You don't have to put me in for first and second and then pull me out for third-down, or even just bring me in for third. I can run the ball, I can catch the ball, and block. Even on special teams I can stay out there for the punt. So I really don't have to come off the field, I can be an every-down back.

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