Joseph Addai Q&A: Opportunity in Indy

LSU running back Joseph Addai shared his thoughts on how he'd fit in with the Colts in this exclusive interview. Addai is in Indianapolis today visiting with the team before he heads to Pittsburgh for a Wednesday visit with the Steelers.

Question:  Did you meet with Tony Dungy for a formal interview at the Combine? 

Joseph Addai:  When I was with him, he was a really laid-back coach and I felt a really good vibe from him. He was smiling and we were enjoying the whole conversation. That's what I really noticed was his attitude about things and how he said not to worry about the whole process even though it's stressful; it's just a one-time thing so you should try to enjoy yourself. 

Q:  Did they talk at all about what kind of role you could be asked to play for the Colts?

JA:  No. They just asked me about what I really bring to the table, questions about my family and how I felt I'd fit with their scheme.

Q:  Were you surprised that the Colts to invited you in for a visit this early?

JA:  Not really, because I felt like I was getting a good vibe from them at the Combine and I felt like they really liked me.

Q:  What kind of questions do you think you'll ask them while you're in Indy so you can better understand how you might fit in well with the Colts?

JA:  (Laughs) I really don't know what I'll ask them. I'm going to go up there and answer the questions they have for me.

Q:  You've seen how they've used Edgerrin James in the past. Is that a good fit for your skills?

JA:  I feel I could do a really good job for them, because they had him doing a little bit of everything. Once I learn everything, I feel I could really focus in and get it done.

Q:  Can you envision yourself being the guy that Peyton Manning is handing the ball off to next year? And does it overwhelm you at all?  

JA:  Yeah, I can envision myself being that person. I know it's a real high-powered offense and that Peyton Manning wants victories. And I like playing with a person who likes to win. At LSU we weren't really comfortable with losing. So I think I could fit in there.

Q:  The Colts have Dominic Rhodes penciled in as their starter. Would you be happy to play a third-down specialist role in Indy during your rookie year? Or will you be pushing for the starter's role from day one if they select you?

JA:  Given the chance, I'm just going to go in there and compete and do whatever the coaches want me to do. I'm not going to complain about anything. I'm going to go out and be a team player. 

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