Five Questions With Gerome Sapp

Colts safety Gerome Sapp was offered a contract tender that should keep him with the Colts for the 2006 season. But during this exclusive interview with Gerome, Ed Thompson asked him about his contract status and the upcoming season.

Question:  How much did that contract tender mean to you after how hard you've worked for the team these last few seasons?

Gerome Sapp:  It meant it lot. It showed that they wanted to invest more in me than just the minimum. So it meant a lot to me, especially playing special teams where a lot of people treat them as an afterthought in their minds. And you can't blame them. Offense, defense, that's what people really come to see. So to be a hard worker on special teams where you don't get a lot of recognition, this showed me that the Colts felt that what I was doing was special.

Q:  What's been going through your mind as you've been considering whether or not you'll sign your tender?

GS:  My agent and I have been talking, but I haven't signed it yet. I definitely want to be with the Colts, I love the Colts. Coach Dungy is a wonderful coach and a wonderful guy. That's at the top of my mind right now as we work through it.

Q:  On the defensive side of the ball, you just lost David Thornton. It looks uncertain as to whether or not they'll bring Rob Morris back to help out with the special teams. Do you have any concerns as far as how the defensive side of the ball is shaping up for this season?

GS:  No. I know whatever moves they make, it's for the benefit of the team. You always hate to lose guys, especially good guys that are both good people, too. But that's the way the business works. But I know the organization will bring in good people, so I've got no concerns at all.

Q:  Have you been gearing up for these offseason workouts?

GS:  Yeah, I'm ready. Everybody usually comes in at different levels of shape. From the end of the season through now, I've primarily been doing cardio. Now is the time of year that I start incorporating the weight-lifting into my workout routine. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Q:  Anything else you'd like to share with the fans, Gerome?

GS:  Well, from my perspective, just that we're really anticipating this season and planning on going a lot further in the playoffs this year. I know last year was very disappointing for the fans, as it was for us, but we're all looking forward to getting back into it. 

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