Jon Alston Talks Colts Football

Linebacker Jon Alston shares his thoughts on how he fits in the Colts' Cover 2 scheme, meeting Tony Dungy, and more. But the Colts better grab him early as roughly ten teams are showing strong interest in the Stanford star.

Q: I saw you described as a one-gap linebacker who flies to the ball. With your physical size and Cover 2 experience, you sound like a Tony Dungy kind of guy to me.

JA: I think I would fit well in the Colts system. I've always been a fan of Coach Dungy when he was with Tampa. I feel like there are a lot of systems that emphasize speed from the OLB position that I could be successful in. 

Q: What experience do you have at the various linebacker spots?

JA: We played a 3-4 at Stanford the last 2 years and I played rush end, which is kind of weak outside and I played SAM in spurts with that and when I came in I was a WILL. I never played the MIKE position in college, but I've done pretty much everything else. 

Q: You have a great reputation as a pass coverage linebacker covering backs running routes out of the backfield. How much of that skill is drawing the attention of the pro scouts you're talking to?

JA: I think they're starting to realize more and more what I can do as this process goes along. One of the things I feel kind of hurt me was the position I played this year where I was kind of a DE, which didn't really show my coverage skills as much but that's just one of those things where you do what you have to do in college. But, hopefully I have shown that I can cover and I can do so very well. Once teams get the ability to see that, especially the way teams are playing now needing guys who can play in the box and play outside, I am a guy who can do all that stuff, I'm just hoping for the opportunity.

Q: I know Pro Day was a soggy day at Stanford, so it was probably wonderful to get all your good numbers in at the Combine. Did you do any drills with the scouts on hand or any personal workout stuff with the position coaches?

JA: We had about 25-26 teams out here, but we didn't have any position coaches. I did safety drills, so they watched me run around and do some things. I thought I did well and caught every ball. 

Q: Who were some of those other teams working with you during your Pro Day?

JA: Carolina was one; I can't really remember the rest. There were about seven or eight scouts really paying attention to what we were doing out there.

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