Jon Alston Talks Colts Football, Part Two

Jon Alston talks about meeting Tony Dungy and more in this bonus content for our ColtPower Insiders!

Q: Tell me a little bit about meeting Tony Dungy because he's an extraordinary individual. What did you take from your interaction with him?

JA: The first thing I noticed that really stood out was that he had already seen film on me, which tells me from a head coach's standpoint that he is still very very hands on and very involved, especially in the draft process. Which probably explains the team's overall success and why they are successful on defense. He's very well spoken, well thought out…he was everything that I expected through our brief meeting. 

Q: I was looking down the Colts roster and it was interesting that you are almost the same size as Cato June who just went to his first Pro Bowl, so it sounds like you're the right size to become a linebacker for the Colts. Is the position issue something that you've talked with the Colts about at all?

JA: I think that they consider me a linebacker. When I spoke with them it was before my Combine workout, before being able to show some things and show how well I move…before teams considered me as a safety. I think they definitely saw me as a linebacker beforehand. And in their system which emphasizes speed on the outside rather than size, I think that I could be successful in their system. It would be awesome to be able to learn from a guy like Cato June who had five interceptions last year and went out there and tore it up. 

Q: Did Stanford play any Cover 2?

JA: Yes, we played a lot of Cover 2. Last year we played Cover 2 kind of like Tampa where we dropped the MLB and he had to carry down the middle of the field. This year I was the guy who carried on the outside. I played it in many different ways. I don't want to get into too many details since I'm not talking to coaches. So, I did a little of everything as far as Cover 2 is concerned.

Q: What teams have you done personal workouts for?

JA: Pittsburgh, Dallas, Oakland, Cincinnati and St. Louis.

Q: Have you had any visits or do you have some scheduled at this point?

JA: I had one with Minnesota. I think at this point a lot of teams are keeping quiet about what's going on.

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