Colts Hot Prospect Q&A: CB Dion Byrum

Ohio cornerback Dion Byrum talks about the Colts interest, his Pro Day and more in this Q&A for our ColtPower Insiders!

Question:  You've got great cover skills and great reaction to the ball, do you think those are your best strengths as a cornerback?

Dion Byrum:  My overall awareness and understanding of the defense.  I feel like I'm a real student of the game.  A lot of people play on raw talent and really don't understand how to read a defense, a quarterback or a receiver's routes.  I consider myself a smart player.

Q:  You return kickoffs and punts, what do you have the most fun doing?

DB:  It depends on who's blocking the best.  The punt return is more challenging.  The kickoff comes right to you and it's one move and your out, it's just hit and go.  Punt returns you have to adjust to the wind, locate the ball, get under it and make a clean catch, know when and when not to fair catch it and then you have to make people miss and get downfield.

Q:  What were you most pleased about in regards to your Pro Day?

DB:  The time I ran in the 40-yard dash…a 4.39.

Q:  Was that one of your best times?

DB:  That day the Colts and Bears had me at a 4.39 and the Jets had me at a 4.36.

Q:  What teams did you work out for?

DB:  The Giants, Jets, Browns, Rams, Jags, Buccaneers, Panthers, Colts, Bears, Saints and the Eagles. 

Q:  I heard one of the things you really shocked the scouts with was your 40-inch vertical jump and then you repeated it three times…

DB:  The first time it was about 39.5 inches, the second time I jumped they said I slid my foot, and the third time I got it again. 

Q:  Did any of the scouts spend time talking to you and asking you questions?

DB:  I talked to all of them.  We didn't get a chance to sit down, but as we were walking around, they all talked to me about background information about my family and myself.  I talked with the Bears' scout a few times and with the Colts' scout at least three or four times.           

Q:  What do you think their [the Colts] interest is in you. What kind of questions did he ask about you?

DB:  Like all of them, they weren't sure if I could run under a 4.5.  The speculation after the season was…can I run or not?  People thought I couldn't run, so they didn't want to waste their time inviting me to the Combine.

Q:  What do you want NFL coaches to know about you as a person rather than a football player?

DB:  I'm easy to get along with…a people person.  I'm easy to communicate with.  I get along with everybody.  When it comes to playing football, if you've got somebody who has a lot of drama and controversy with his teammates, that's how team chemistry falls apart.   

Q:  You listed bowling as one of your hobbies.  I think you're the first football guy I've talked to who had bowling listed as a hobby.  Now, are you competitive with bowling, or is it strictly relaxation?

DB:  I'd say it's a mixture of both.  I just started doing it a couple months ago, just me and my uncle, a family member or a girlfriend.  I don't like to lose.  I always bowl last so I can see what I have to do to win. 

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