Colts Draft Target: QB Brodie Croyle

The Colts want to groom a young quarterback this season, and ColtPower has learned that they have shown interest in Alabama's Brodie Croyle. But will they spend a third-round pick on him? Take a closer look in this Colts Draft Target feature.

When we asked Alabama's Brodie Croyle at the Combine if he had received any interest from the Colts, he told us that he had already met with them the night before. And there's good reason for the Colts to be interested in the 6-foot-three, 205-pound quarterback.

Croyle would be worth the third-round pick that he will likely command, but he may not still be on the board when the Colts make their pick in that round. But he'd be a nice fit for the Colts, especially if they want someone who can step up into the backup role in case Jim Sorgi leaves when his contract expires this season. Croyle could potentially even give Sorgi a run for his money in this year's camp.

When we asked him it surprised him that the Colts were showing interest, he replied, "A little bit. He (Peyton) is just kind of hitting his prime, or he's been in it for a while I guess you could say."

But then he mentioned an important point.

"They've got to have depth. We'll see," he said.

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock thinks the Alabama quarterback could be well-suited for the type of role the Colts have to offer.

"Croyle from Alabama can be a solid backup in a certain type of offense, can be a starter down the road," he said.

Browns general manager Phil Savage paid him a very high compliment when he said, "A lot of people like Brodie ... He may be the best pure thrower of them all, quite frankly."

One thing's for sure, he's one of the quarterbacks who really stands out when it comes to being careful with the football. His low interception rate (2.6%) and patience will garner high appreciation from a head coach like Tony Dungy who prefers a patient, low-risk passer. At Alabama, that was the standard method of operation for young signal-caller.

"We knew that just not turning the ball over, not giving up points was going to be a main way we were going to be successful ... just not trying to force things," he said. "If it's there, it's there. If it's not, check down and move on to the next play."

Croyle has good velocity on his passes and has great pocket presence. And he'd got the field general intelligence to pick up defensive alignments and check off to take advantage of them. But Croyle had plenty of reason to get smart about the playing the position -- and fast. He was a starter for his high school team when he was only in eighth grade.

"I was about 150 pounds playing against 18-year olds," he said. "It taught me a lot about toughness. You've got to get up and play the next play."

Croyle displays that toughness in his own huddle, leaving no doubt as to who is in charge of the offense. It inspired plenty of confidence from his teammates.

"I'm just a guy that's going to make plays for you, and hopefully a guy they put 'winner' next to," he said at the Combine. "There's tons of guys here that can throw, tons of guys here that can run. But the intangibles you bring to the table really separate the good quarterbacks from the great ones."

Croyle throws tight short and intermediate passes which is perfect for the Colts system, which often grabs five to fifteen yards at a time by exploiting the soft spots in the zones underneath. He's also terrific with his perimeter passing, hitting receivers in stride.

The one concern about Croyle is that during his playing career to date, he's had two major knee injuries -- one in high school and one in college. And that could cause him to slide a bit in the third round. 

"That's basically it -- the durability question," Croyle said. "There's no way to answer, except that I played my senior year, took my fair share of hits and got up after every one of them."

Croyle finished his career at Alabama as the all-time record-holder for completions (469), touchdown passes (40)and passing yards (6,107). 

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