Cornell Brockington Q&A, Part Two

Cornell Brockington tells our ColtPower Insiders about his visit to Indy, his surprise over meeting Peyton Manning, his Pro Days, and much more!

Question: During your junior year, Connecticut went more to a running back by committee approach, between yourself and two other backs. How hard was that after having such a huge season your sophomore year?

Cornell Brockington: It was really tough. I just did what was asked of me. If they wanted me to go in there and block or catch the ball out of the backfield, I would do it. I just wanted to be a team player. I didn't let it get to me because I am not a selfish player.

Q: So you had just come out of a running back by committee situation and you still decided to go pro rather than stay another year. How hard of a decision was that and what was the main motivation behind it?

CB: It was a tough process because you don't really know what to expect, but I just had confidence in my ability and I never doubted myself. I talked to my parents and they said if that's what I wanted to do, then they would support me 110 percent.

Q: Did you go through the initial process where you can ask what round they would project you at?

CB: Yes, they said the sixth round. I told my dad if I train and work extra hard, hopefully that number can change a bit.

Q: How about special teams work, what units have you played on?

CB: Punt team, punt return and field goal blocking.

Q: Any of them you enjoyed more than another?

CB: I just love to be out there, to put the uniform on and compete…so it really didn't bother me what special teams I was on.

Q: What do you love so much about football?

CB: The excitement, the adrenaline and that everyone is out there competing.

Q: How would you rate yourself as a receiver?

CB: I'd give myself an A right now.

Q: How about blocking, trying to protect the quarterback?

CB: That's one thing I love. Since I'm not on defense to hit anybody, that was the time for me to pick up a blitzing linebacker because I know he's coming hard trying to embarrass me. 

Q: One thing I read about you is that you're good at selling the play action pass. Would you agree with that?

CB: Yes.

Q: Where did you pick that skill up?

CB: Watching NFL games and watching other good running backs carry out the fake. Playing with my dad and friends.

Q: Let's talk about Pro Days a little bit because you did two different ones. The first one you went to Villanova. Talk about that experience and what you think you gained from it…

CB: It was something different and I was excited. It pretty much was preparing me for the Connecticut Pro Day because I never did a Pro Day before and I didn't get invited to the Combine so I didn't really know what to expect. I pretty much just watched the Combine drills because I figured that was what they might do at Pro Day. It got me prepared. I knew when I went to Connecticut on my home turf; I'd be ready to roll.

Q: Were your numbers significantly better at Connecticut than they were at Villanova?

CB: Yes, they were definitely a lot better…I improved. 

Q: Did you have much interaction with any scouts during either one of those Pro Days?

CB: Yes, I was talking to the Colts' scout at Villanova and he was asking if I would also be at Connecticut. He showed up there and then they brought me down for a visit as well as the Eagles.

Q: You had to be pretty excited about your Colts visit….

CB: Yeah, I was really excited to get down there and just be in the locker room. I ran into Peyton Manning and he's a great guy. I just loved it down there in Indianapolis, I felt at home. They have a great coaching staff with Tony Dungy, and everyone just welcomed me.

Q: What was running into Peyton Manning like for you?

CB: It was a shock. I just froze with my mouth wide open and everything. I was thinking, this is Peyton Manning, the guy I see on TV. I was just honored to shake his hand. He asked if I was nervous and told me it would all be over soon and that he'd love to have me in the backfield with him. 

Q: You also met with the coaches. Did you talk to Tony Dungy?

CB: Yes. I just felt at home, he is a great guy and has a great coaching staff behind him. They said they liked what they saw of me on film.

Q: Anything else from your visit there that stood out?

CB: Everybody on the team seemed close. All the players were in the weight room joking around and happy.

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