Hot Prospect Q&A: Brandon Kirsch

Purdue quarterback Brandon Kirsch decided to forgo his senior season and enter the 2006 NFL draft. He spoke with ColtPower's Ed Thompson about his strengths and which NFL teams have shown an interest in his services.

Question: For someone who hasn't seen you play before, describe your style. Are you a pocket passer or a guy who likes to be on the move?

Brandon Kirsch: For the most part I'm a guy who likes to be on the move, but if need be I can sit in the pocket. I think I'm most comfortable on the move with a lot of bootlegs and options to either pass or run. I think I'm an exciting player to watch, I like to take risks…kind of like how Brett Favre describes himself. I've definitely never shied away from staying in the pocket and taking a five or seven step drop to put the ball on the money. But as far as a comfort level, I like to be on the move.

Q: Tell us about your throwing ability. If scouts were looking at film of you, what would they say about you in terms of your mechanics at the quarterback position?

BK: I think my mechanics, for the most part, are pretty clean. I don't have a long winding delivery. I think it's a quick release. It's no Dan Marino release or anything, but if I need to get the ball out I can. I throw a good, catchable ball. I have a stronger than average arm.

Q: How much of your skill at the quarterback position would you attribute to good instincts versus the time you spend in the film room?

BK: That's tough, it really depends on who you're playing. I think it's based mainly on instincts; film is only going to give you so much of a base. When you're out there it's all based on your instincts and feel for the game. A lot of people say film enhances those instincts, so it's a little bit of a combination of both. Leading up to practices you have to watch a little film to get a base underneath you, but when it really comes down to it it's all instincts.

Q: Tell us how your Pro Day went, and who some of the teams were that were in attendance and showed some interest…

BK: There were all but three or four teams in attendance there. I spoke with a couple of teams that were there and took the Wonderlic test. I think it went well for me, I met all my goals. Throwing the ball, me and a couple of the receivers weren't on the same page on the routes. There were no quarterback or receiver coaches there, so it was hard to get on the same page because we only threw the ball and ran routes for about 10 minutes. For the most part I think it went pretty well.

Q: Who are some of the teams you think you are drawing interest from at this point?

BK: After my Pro Day I spoke with the Giants, Broncos, Jaguars and 49ers. Prior to that I spoke with the Patriots, Steelers and Falcons. There have been anywhere from eight to twelve teams that have shown interest. I think I see myself as a late second day or free agent type of guy based on my collegiate experience. I hope those teams come through on their interest and I think I can make them happy.

Q: Early in your career you had a pretty nice hookup for a touchdown with John Standeford against Indiana…have you had any contact with John since he left Purdue?

BK: Yes, I actually lived with his little brother this year, he is a receiver at Purdue and we were roommates this past semester. So I saw John every now and then when he'd come up for the games. I also saw Gilbert Gardner a little bit too.

Q: Have you gotten any advice as far as getting noticed once you get to a training camp?

BK: Not really, you've just got to put the time in, bust your butt and show that you really do want to be there. There's a ton of players at your position that would love to be there so you have to show that dedication and that emotion when you're on the field.

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