Hot Prospect Q&A: Rich Bedesem

Linebacker Rich Bedesem played five seasons for the University of Virginia. He talked to Ed Thompson about his skills and his Pro Day.

Question: Tell me about your versatility at the linebacker position, which positions do you have experience at?

Rich Bedesem: In high school and my first year at Virginia, we ran a 4-3 and I played middle linebacker and I also played outside linebacker both that year and in high school. Then when coach Groh came in we ran a 3-4 and I played the middle position. I feel like any system in the NFL I can get down pretty quickly and playing all those positions gives me the versatility to play in any kind of defense.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your skill level against the run…

RB: I feel like I can read plays pretty good. I feel like I can step up into the hole and shut it down quick just by recognizing the play.

Q: Have you ever had to use any version of the cover 2, where you have a gap assignment?

RB: Yes, in our 3-4 defense our cover 2 had one gap to start with and when the ball moves your gap moves. So we did play a gap control defense.

Q: What do you think scouts would say about your ability in pass coverage?

RB: Looking back, I had a couple of interceptions in my career. I feel like I defended the pass pretty good and I got better each year with it.

Q: Did you have a Pro Day workout?

RB: Yes, I worked out at Virginia's Pro Day this year. I thought it went pretty good, I'm not positive about all my times. Some people had me in the high 4.6's or low 4.7's for the 40. I did 20 reps on the bench and had a pretty good position workout. I felt like I showed I can play.

Q: Did any scouts from a particular team show interest or ask you some questions?

RB: I didn't talk to any; there were some teams that requested tapes that my agent sent out. I think it was the Eagles, Browns and Steelers.

Q: What would you want pro teams to know about you as a person?

RB: That I'm willing to give everything. No matter what my role on the team is, I'm there to help them win. Whether it be special teams, inside or outside linebacker, 3-4 or 4-3…whatever they need.

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