Who's Left? Undrafted Free Agent Targets

We've reviewed the list of over 60 players from our ColtPower Insiders Draft List and compared them to the list of players who haven't been selected. Take a look at some of the players the Colts should be calling right now!

ColtPower listed over sixty players that we identified as drawing interest from the Colts and published it as our ColtPower Insiders Draft Day List. Here's who didn't get picked by an NFL team, but was on our master list. These players should certainly be getting strong consideration from the Colts to be signed as undrafted free agents:

Running Backs
Cornell Brockington/Connecticut
Cory Ross/Nebraska
Nick Hartigan/Brown
Mike Bell/Arizona
Tyler Ebell/UTEP 

Corey Bramlett/Wyoming

Wide Receivers
Danny Melendez/Maryland
Sean Coffey/Missouri
Miles Austin/Monmouth-NJ

Offensive Line
Nick Cole/New Mexico St.
Robin Meadow/Washington
Josh House/UTEP

Defensive Ends
Ben Ishola//Indiana 
Mike Kudla/Ohio State
Willie Evans//Mississippi St.

Justin London/UCLA
Justin Huggard/VMI 
Jimmy Cottrell/New Mexico St.
Maurice Bennett/Lafayette
Sterling Green/Bowie St.
Derrick Ming/Missouri

Dion Byrum/Ohio U. 
Kevin Dockery/Mississippi St
Derrick Martin/Wyoming

Matt Griebel/New Mexico St.
Morris Virgil/Illinois
Donnie McCleskey/Cal 

While we don't know if the Colts expressed interest in the following players, here are a few others that they should be looking at as they determine who to call:

Andre Hall/RB/South Florida

Erik Meyer/QB/Eastern Washington
Darrell Hackney/QB/UAB

Greg Lee/WR/Pittsburgh

Cooper Wallace/TE/Auburn

Will Allen/G/Texas
Jason Murphy/G/Virginia Tech
Matt Lentz/G-T/Michigan
Donovan Raiola/C/Wisconsin

Mathew Rice/DE/Penn State
Kader Drame/DT/Syracuse

Brian Iwuh/LB/Colorado
Kai Parham/LB/Virginia
Freddie Roach/LB/Alabama

Anthony Madison/CB/Alabama
Chris Harrell/S/Penn State

ColtPower Insiders can see an updated list of where these players sign, updated as we get the information. View this list, by clicking here and viewing this post in our ColtPower Insiders Forum.

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