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We've completed our first year at and have accomplished more than I dreamed possible during our first year. But we're just getting started...

About a year ago, I moved ColtPower to the network. The allure of having the resources available to achieve my original vision that I had for ColtPower back in 1999 was simply too good to pass up. Scout offered software that made it simpler to publish the stories I wrote, provided the professional photography we lacked through the AP and Getty Images online libraries, took care of all the processes associated with billing, and provided a vast network of contacts at the pro and collegiate level to tap into; people who were following their teams as closely as we follow the Colts, as well as NFL and draft experts.

One year after taking that major step, ColtPower has become a major player in the Colts media market, providing inside information that you don't find anywhere else. Here why knowledgeable Colts fans who crave all the details about their favorite team turn to ColtPower first for their Colts news, information, analysis and an insider perspective:

Breaking news:  ColtPower has repeatedly been the source of breaking news such as Rob Morris' surprise signing last year, almost 48 hours before any other media source. And since we were a relatively new national media source, many fans in other message board communities scoffed at the report and called it rumor or speculation. Since then, we've converted those scoffers into believers, as we've been the first online media source to publish the Colts' undrafted free agents list, training camp roster cuts, individual player signings and releases, injuries and much more.

Insider information: 
We've developed such a vast network of contacts through our network, agents, players, other media sources and even sources close to the NFL and the team that we get the stories that never reached Colts fans before. This year, ColtPower uncovered more than half of the pre-draft visitors to the Colts facility. We've been the exclusive online source to report on free agent tryouts throughout the year that never before reached the fans. And we've uncovered information first-hand about who the Colts talked to at the Combine, who they conducted personal workouts with prior to the draft, detailed information about player injuries and their rehab progress, and much more. And we're the only media source who makes our entire staff of writers easily accessible for your questions daily in our ColtPower Insiders Forum.

Exclusive interviews:
As we continue to build our network of contacts and build relationships, we've been able to provide fans with exclusive interviews with the men who wear the horseshoe. And we go down the depth chart so you get to know all the Colts, not just the headline players that the national media focus on. Because after all, if you're a Colts fan, you want to know all of these guys, and what they think, not just Peyton Manning's take from week to week. So we've brought you interviews with Dominic Rhodes, Gerome Sapp, Chris Laskowski, Ryan Lilja, and many others. And in many cases you don't just read an article, you get to sit in on the interview by listening to some of the audio. And we even offer our Insiders the opportunity to suggest questions that they'd like us to ask during upcoming interviews. We also established ColtPower as the place where you could get to know draft eligible players on a more personal level through over 30 personal interviews with players such as Joseph Addai, Antoine Bethea and T.J. Rushing even before they were selected by the Colts. And you also got to know other great players like Jon Alston, Maurice Drew and Thomas Howard to make your offseason more interesting and fun as you speculated who might end up being a Colt by the end of draft weekend.

Targeted coverage with a unique perspective: 
Our staff follows the Colts, and only the Colts, all year round. Sure, you may find articles and analysis about the Colts for free at other national and local media sites, but it won't have the same insight that we provide. We're not just writers, we're also fans so we understand like no one else what you want to know. And we're passionate about this team just like you. Unlike other media sources whose stories read like press releases or are so lengthy that you're bored by the time you finish reading the article, our writers use a personal style that "talks" to you and makes you part of the experience. The Colts organization has promoted a great campaign they call "Make it Personal." At ColtPower we breathe life into their slogan, making the Colts fan experience truly personal for our subscribers/insiders all year round.

Knowledgeable analysis and information
: We don't waste your time with shallow perspectives and information tossed on a page by a writer who watches the team a few games a year or who simply reads about them from time to time when football season rolls around. You've seen plenty of examples of this at national and local media sources. It's the kind of information that leaves you shaking your head in disbelief that it was actually printed because you know more about the Colts than the writer evidently does. Just recently, I spotted a blurb by Dan Galvin at ESPN the Magazine who speculated that Colts cornerback Marlin Jackson could send Pro-Bowl safety Bob Sanders to the bench during this year's training camp. "Crazy, but not impossible," he wrote. "Sanders plays like a strong safety (translation: He stops the run, not the pass), but the Colts already have Mike Doss there. Jackson...has better coverage skills than Sanders." While Galvin may be a terrific and respected writer on many fronts, hardcore Colts fans who follow the team year round would have a tough time wiping an incredulous look of their faces after reading that blurb. And at ColtPower, we know the details about the Colts that many national and local media writers don't because they are expected to cover many sports and many teams. In this example, Galvin appears to have no idea that in the Colts Cover 2 scheme, the strong and free safety positions are practically interchangeable. And if anyone is going to the bench over a potential move by Jackson to the safety spot, it's likely going to be Doss, not Sanders. It's a great example of the old adage, "You get what you pay for." So if you want knowledgeable analysis and information about your favorite team, you should be subscribing to the media source that obsesses over the details just like you do as a fan. Our staff is becoming recognized as experts on the Colts by other media sources including ESPN Radio, The Sporting News Radio, and WIBC's Jersey Johnny Show out of Indianapolis.

You're more than a fan or a reader at ColtPower: Go to a typical newspaper or media source and you're just a reader or a visitor. The writers put words down documenting information, but don't even acknowldege that you exist. At some other sites you might actually be treated a bit like a fan or a person. At ColtPower, we know part of creating a great fan experience is about service. When you become a ColtPower Insider, you're a member and a customer. You become part of our community and we feel responsible for paying attention to your input and your questions. On a daily basis through our Insider Forum, via private message or email, you can tell us exactly what you want out of your experience and what you'd like us to be writing about.

The Future of ColtPower

Becoming a ColtPower Insider costs $79.95 a year, less than $7 per month. Why any Colts fans would deprive themselves of the full fan experience year round outlined above for about $1.50 per week continues to surprise me, especially when you also get access to all the insider content at's network of over 200 sites. I think many fans who have become Insiders would tell you that ColtPower is the most hardworking, comprehensive Colts media site on the web.  But don't just take our word for it. Here's what a few of our Insiders (subscribers) recently wrote in our fan forum:

"This is by far, the best value that I've seen for this type of service. What many sites pass off as "insider info" is mostly stuff that I could google for myself. The work that goes into this site is very evident - we truly get insider info! The writers are great, the interviews are well prepared and plentiful, but most of all, I like the service. Questions are answered quickly, the forums are well moderated and it seems like new features are always being added. This would still be a bargain if it was Coltpower by itself, but when added with the rest of Scout I don't see how any other site can compare." -- coltqc

"...coltpower is easily the best value. I have read some insider articles from other teams, but the sources don't seem to be as inside. Ed and company get down and dirty talking to players and agents all the time...this is the best Colts site going." -- rwillybball13

"As a high school student, I feel like people don't think I am very astute when it comes to the game and people don't realize my passion for the Colts. They just want to talk to me about Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy and the loss of Edge, etc., when I want to talk about John Standeford's potential to become a future starting WR and things like that. The Insider's Forum is the only place I have found on the internet with true, true insider information. There aren't really articles about T.O. or Reggie Bush or anything like that that we already know about, it goes so much deeper then that. Ed and the Gang find incredible information about the ins and outs of our team that the general public may never know about...I think the money that is asked for is absolutely nothing compared to what you get and I can't see any reason not to make the jump. It will ensure that we can have this great work and service for a long time down the road." -- ColtsFball88

And even Insiders from other teams at have noticed the quality of information provided at ColtPower to our Insiders:

"I get around, in message board terms, and I can tell you guys that the insider stuff that you get here is top-5 across all of the Scout NFL sites. The people who run this site do a really fine job from the standpoint of digging for information that would not otherwise be available." -- IanWhetstoneDotCom, a Steelers Fan

So what are you waiting for? If you're still just a visitor to this site rather than a member, stop missing out on the best Colts fan experience on the web. You'll amaze your family, friends and co-workers with information that you know about this team that they don't know because they continue to read only the national and local media articles that everyone else reads.

This year, we'll be bringing you features on former Colts and will continue sizing up prospective Colts as well. And we're going to expand our coverage of every rival on the Colts 2006 schedule, striving to provide exclusive interviews and insight from the players on the teams that will be lining up across from the Colts each week.

With two years remaining on our initial contract, we need to assess if there is truly a desire amongst Colts fans to have this type of coverage provided year round. And that will be determined by the subscription base we are able to build during that period. We're off to a great start after just one year, but we need the support of even more fans who will financially support our efforts so we have the resources to continue to expand our coverage. Our goal is to be the top NFL site on the network, but that can only be realized through the support of every Colts fan who visits here. Quite honestly, the Colts fan community shouldn't be second-fiddle to any other site on this network, because I've always believed that Colts fans are the greatest fans. But we have a long way to go to prove that point.

Click the 7-day free trial banner at the top of the page and become an Insider today. For about $1.50 per week, you'll be amazed at what you get out of the experience. And we'll be appreciative of you helping us establish this as the top NFL site on the network through our number of subscribers/insiders who proudly support this unique place for Colts fans.

Many thanks. I look forward to chatting with you in our ColtPower Insiders Forum and providing you with a great Colts fan experience.

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