Jerry's Take on .... WR Gerran Walker

Playing in the Patriot League for Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, Gerran Walker didn't get much national exposure despite his 125 yards of total offense per game, and over 16 yards per catch last season. But Jerry Langton tells you why he's a player to watch when training camp opens.

Gerran Walker, WR

Numbers: 5091/188 pounds/4.35-forty speed

2005 stats: 38-604-8 receiving/8-62-1 rushing/1-1-36-0-0 passing/29-702-0 kickoff returns/2 tackles

The player: With Olympic-quality speed, Walker dominated in the Patriot League, leaving frustrated defensive backs and dazzled wedge-busters in his wake. He's very small, but stronger and more courageous than he looks. He can run decent routes and has much better hands, vision and concentration than most track stars-turned-football players. The flipside is that he doesn't have the sort of agility and start-and-stop you look for in a waterbug-type returner/receiver.

How he fits: While Walker joins a very crowded field and has his limitations, you just can't teach 4.35 speed. If he shows an ability to catch and hold onto the ball, he's got a shot at a job or at least a spot on the practice squad. His willingness to work as a special-teams tackler in college, even when he was the big offensive star, certainly speaks of his determination.

Reminds me of: Bryan Gilmore, 49ers

Photo: Lehigh University Athletic Dept.

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