Ray Brown's Record Book Listings

Here are Ray Brown's 17 entries as shown in the Colts Media Guide listing of individual franchise records, compiled exclusively for our ColtPower Insiders. Check back daily for the rest of our interview series with Ray!

Punting average in a single playoff game (1st): 50.8 at the NY Giants 12/28/58 (4-203 yards)

Most games with 2+ interceptions as a rookie (T-1st): 3 times (1958)

Interceptions by a rookie (2nd): 8 (1958)

Interception return yards as a rookie (2nd): 149 (1958)

Longest punt in a single playoff game (2nd): 57 yards at the NY Giants 12/28/58

Most punts as a rookie (3rd): 54 (1958)

Most punts in a single game by a rookie (T-3rd): 9 vs Chicago, Nov 16, 1958

Number of games with an interception as a rookie (T-3rd): 5 (1958)

Highest single-season interception return average (3 INT min)(4th): 18.6 (1958)

Highest interception return average (career, min 12 ints)(5th): 18.3 ('58 - '60)

Most punts in a career (8th): 95 ('58 - '60)

Most interceptions in a season (T-5th): 8 (1958)

Highest career punting average (75 minimum) (7th): 39.2

Highest interception return average in a game with two interceptions (8th): 27.5 vs Chicago, October 4, 1958

Most punt yards in a single game (9th): 405 vs Chicago, Nov 16, 1958

Interception return yards in a single season (10th): 149 (1958)

Career interceptions (T-22nd): 13

Note: Article photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Colts and is used with permission.

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