AFC South Rivals Draft Review

Our experts at TFY Draft Preview took a look at the Colts' division rivals and how they fared in the NFL Draft. Take a look at what picks they liked, and which ones they believe were blunders in this feature article from

Houston Texans
Mario Williams has all the makings of a dominant defensive end and impact player up front, there's no debating that. His upside is enormous and justifiably he has All-Pro potential. But why the Texans chose to sign him before the draft even began will always be questioned. While he has some limitations as an every-down ball-carrier, Reggie Bush was easily the better player in this draft, and was passed up for reasons still in question. 

DeMeco Ryans was good value at the top of round two and could quickly start at weak-side linebacker. Charles Spencer was also a solid pick where drafted, though we question the initial decision by the Texans to use him at left tackle. 

If he regains prior form and becomes completely healthy there is no doubt Eric Winston was great value in round three. He'll offer the versatility to be used at both offensive tackle positions.

Soon after the draft was completed the Texans said "goodbye" to Charley Casserly, who the team dismissed. We can't say we blame them. Moves such as the trade for Philip Buchannon last year as well as never getting a blind side tackle for David Carr set this franchise back.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Considering Jacksonville has taken pass-catchers with their first pick during the previous two drafts, the selection of Marcedes Lewis was a bit of a shocker. Though Reggie Williams has been a bust and Matt Jones has done little to excite people, taking a tight end this early when good players at the position were available through round three was a bit of a reach. 

Maurice Drew was a solid choice at the end of round two. Multi-dimensional, his versatility will allow the team to use him in different roles on offense and as a return specialist. 

You will hear varying opinions on Clint Ingram but we feel he was worth the 80th pick of the draft and should be starting by his second year in the league. The Jaguars feel they have something special in Brent Hawkins and while the small school lineman can certainly rush the passer, round five was too early for his services. James Wyche and Dee Webb were both worth the risk in the seventh round.

The Jaguars gave away a pick in round four to move up twelve slots in the third frame for Ingram and many would consider that a lot. The team later traded out of round six for a pair of selections in the last frame. Considering who they took in the final round it looks like a winner deal.

Tennessee Titans
It became clear the week preceding the draft Floyd Reese was going to win out over the coaching staff and Vince Young would be selected by the franchise instead of Matt Leinart. In Young the Titans general manager envisions a better version of Steve McNair, yet there is plenty of risk involved with this selection. Putting aside the fact Young is a monumental project and needs work from the ground up, the coaching staff is now stuck with a player they did not want. Factor in Jeff Fisher and company will be out the door next year if the team does not have a winning season, which means Young then must become acquainted with a new coaching staff and offensive system. This pick has all the earmarks for a disaster. 

In similar fashion Lendale White was also a risky pick. After all the problems surrounding White in the months before the draft one must ask; why would a team with the likes of Pacman Jones and Travis Henry already on the roster select him in round two? 

Calvin Lowry and Stephen Tulloch are both solid players yet would've been available later in the draft. Terna Nande could turn into a bargain in round five as could Jesse Mahelona, who was great value. 

Jonathan Orr was worth the risk of a sixth-round choice and Quinton Ganther was a steal in the final frame. The Titans moved from pick number 39 to the 45th selection and in return received a 4th-round choice from the Eagles, which was excellent value. They then gave away a fourth selection in round seven, pick number 238, to the division rival Colts. In return they received a 6th round choice in the '07 draft.

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