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If Jim Sorgi's shoulder problem doesn't get better by training camp, the Colts search for a veteran quarterback could heat up. Would they consider a former backup who is currently hoping that an NFL club will give him a look? Check out this news and more in today's Colts Quick Hits.

Ahead of the curve: The Colts have been focusing on speedy, lighter linebackers with the implementation of Tony Dungy's Cover 2 scheme. And other teams have taken notice of the difference those linebackers have on the game -- and they have begun drafting accordingly. That's bad news for the Colts who used to be able to practically have their pick of the smaller, faster athletes that other teams passed over. The entire NFC North will be using the Cover 2, matching up with Chicago's Lovie Smith who had already installed it. The Bills are also making the change, and even Tennessee is starting a gradual evolution in that direction.

"I see a time pretty soon where you are going to see three linebackers on the field who will pretty much all look the same," Titans general manager Floyd Reese recently told's John Clayton. "Those old 6-4, 255-pound strongside linebackers are being weeded out and being replaced by faster guys. Pretty soon, you are going to see three linebackers out there who aren't going to be as big but are out there because of speed."

Former Colt update:  Former Colts quarterback Brock Huard hasn't played in the NFL since injuring his back in the Seahawks 2004 training camp, but the 30-year old is still trying to keep his skills sharp in case a team needs a solid backup. 

"If there's an injury or something crazy happens somewhere (in the NFL), I want to make sure I'm still in fighting shape," Huard recently told Dave Boling of the Scripps News. "But I also don't have any grand illusions. The phone hasn't been ringing."

Huard has recently done some color commentary for NFL Europe games and is involved in both land development and commercial property development projects in the Seattle area.

Classy:  Denver quarterback Jake Plummer's April 20th road-rage incident is getting plenty of publicity after the Broncos QB allegedly was spotted weaving in and out of cars, cutting them off, and then purposely backed his car into a truck at a traffic light that he evidently felt had been tailgating him. Plummer has previously criticized the fans in Denver, flipped them off during a game, and now had this gem for the media in regards to his recent behavior.

"It's a matter of how we play ball and go on," he said. "Image tarnished, whatever, role model, blah, blah, blah -- I'm here to play football and win games, and whatever happens, that's what I've got to deal with."

Nice attitude. No wonder Denver used one of their top picks on promising rookie Jay Cutler, who seems to project a more relaxed, intelligent and sensible demeanor in addition to his solid quarterbacking skills.

New rule won't hurt Colts: The league's new rule aimed at providing better protection for quarterbacks won't hinder the Colts according to head coach Tony Dungy. The rule focuses on protecting passers from low hits at or below the knee, where they are vulnerable to serious injury. While officials didn't throw flags if the defensive player went low last year while being blocked, that will change this season. "... even if you are being blocked, if you have an opportunity not to go low – if it's a separate act by you – they're going to call it if you contact the quarterback at the knees or below," Dungy explained to John Oehser at

The Colts were the second-least penalized team in the NFL last year, and were called just twice for roughing the passer last season.

Fisher comments:  Titans head coach Jeff Fisher had this to say earlier this week during the Titans' mini-camp regarding his rookie quarterback, Vince Young.

He's doing well, as I mentioned not only is he improving in the OTA days, but he's working everyday.  He's getting a lot done with the other rookies in that environment, on the field and in the classroom, so he's doing fine.  He's obviously very critical of himself and thinks he should be more along than he is, but that's good, that's what going to get him there quickly."

Fisher also noted that second-round pick LenDale White out of USC is expected to start doing some work with the team during the month of June.

"He won't be full-speed, but we will get him out," he said.

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