Leftwich Focusing on Wins, Not Stats

Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich fielded questions from the media in Jacksonville and revealed some information about Jacksonville's offense, receivers, and coaching that should be of interest to Colts fans.

(on if the offense will use more two tight end sets this year)
"It's a possibility. I feel like we can create some mismatches being out there with two tight ends. That puts Fred (Taylor) back there by himself, a single back like he likes it. We are going to fine tune some things to make us successful. Do we know what that is going to be right now? No. But we know we have a good football team. We went 12-4 last year. We just have to tweak some things in order for us to take it to the next level."

(on the recent draft picks and new additions on offense)
"I believe we have enough. People don't realize that we were the second or third-youngest team in football last year. Some of those mistakes we made were made by just never being in those situations. By gaining that experience, you don't make those same mistakes that you made before. I think by us having that opportunity to gain that experience we became a better football team."

(on what his to-do list was in the offseason)
"The first thing was to heal up. The worst thing I could do was be in this part of the year and not be feeling good. I took some time to heal up and it was right back here with the guys getting the work in. You have the opportunity to see what you have to correct on plays. You can pick one play and see where we have to be better on that play. You can see it and go through it. We didn't have that opportunity last year because we didn't run this stuff. It makes it easier to go out and work at certain things because you know what you need to get better at."

(on how he feels about Coach (Mike) Tice being added to the staff)
"I think it helps because it adds another offensive mind, a different mind that comes in to add to the coaches we have here. It can't do anything but help to bring a guy who has had some of the most explosive offenses that we have seen in the NFL with Randy (Moss), Cris Carter and Randall Cunningham, who had a wacky release. To add a guy who has seen those types of things and who has been with the top offenses can do nothing but help us."

(on what he expects out of wide receiver Reggie Williams this year)
"I know what to expect out of him. Reggie is going to give us everything he has every week. Reggie was playing good up until he had a concussion. People don't realize that when he had the concussion that I don't think he was right for a while. I don't think he came back until the end of the season. That's my personal opinion. Before he hit his head in St. Louis, I think he was doing a great job for us as for what we were asking him to do. Every time we asked him to make a play he made it."

(on what has seen from receiver Matt   Jones from the end of last season to now)
"I think he understands how to be a wide receiver. He didn't know that last year. There was no way he could possibly know how to be a wide receiver until he was able to go through it for a year, gain the experience and know what he has to do to play wide receiver. That is just natural. You look at what he did as a rookie and you can't complain. He's just getting better every single day with his route running, just getting better every day. I like that as a quarterback of this team."

(on how he wants to be judged, stats or postseason performance)
"I would rather be judged by wins and postseason performance because that is what I think really matters. Everybody's goal is to win the Super Bowl. A lot of people like stats. I like wins. Stats can be crazy because you might not be asked to do the same thing as certain guys are asked to do."

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