Colts Alumni Interview: Ray Brown, Part 3

In our final installment of this special interview with 1958 champion Ray Brown, he talks about some more of his teammates who are now in the Hall of Fame, and his continued success since leaving pro football.

Q:  In addition to quarterback Johnny Unitas and head coach Weeb Ewbank, you played with five other Hall of Famers -- that's 7 out of the 11 Colts who are in the Hall of Fame. Let me say a name and you tell me what comes to mind about some of those players we haven't talked about....

Wide receiver Raymond Berry... 

Ray Brown:  Really nice guy. In fact, in three years I never heard him utter a curse word. If he got mad, he got mad at himself. I worked with Raymond very extensively in his after-practice reception drills. He would get with John, run some patterns and would ask for the ball in several different ways. He always caught the ball with his hands, never with his chest or shoulder. Honestly, I have no idea how many hundreds of balls I've thrown to Berry after practice. 

Running back/Flanker Lenny Moore... 

RB:  Lenny was just in a league of his own almost, as a speedster and as an elusive running back. At the same time, everyone had the perception that Lenny really didn't want to practice. A lot of times we'd play on Sunday, be off on Monday, come back on Tuesday and Lenny would sort of drag around on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sometimes I think he may have been acting like he was hurt. But boy, you get toward that weekend and he was ready. Every now and again back then we would play an exhibition game or maybe an early season game at night and somebody said, "You just wait, you put the fans in the stands and turn the lights on and watch Lenny go."

Guard/Tackle Jim Parker... 

RB:  Truly a nice and good guy, always trying to say something funny and pump you up. I don't recall ever seeing Jim Parker down about anything. He was reliable. I think he probably graded out on film higher than anyone on the team on a regular basis.

Q:  When you left pro football, you finished law school. What did you do from there? 

RB:  I was selected for a very prestigious position as a law clerk to a justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Tom Clark. If you talk to lawyers and ask them what it means to have this position, it really is something that gives me good standing in anything I ever do. So I spent a year doing that and then came back and practiced law here.

Q:  Has your notoriety as a former pro football player helped your career at times? 

RB:  It didn't help me get that clerkship. It has helped my career at times. It opens some doors, it doesn't perform for me once I get in the doors but it has opened some doors for me, no question. 

Q:  Do you still follow college or pro football? 

RB:  I follow both. I still follow pro, but I'm a little more interested and into college football. Pro football, to some extent, has turned me off with agents, prima donnas and folks who like to dance and prance after a touchdown or interception...I don't like that. I don't like free agency. But I still follow it some, particularly when you've got good guys, like Peyton Manning and some of those people, playing the game.

Photo used with permission from the Indianapolis Colts Public Relations Department.

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