Jerry's Take On .... Tanard Davis

Tanard Davis didn't see much playing time at the University of Miami. So why were the Colts so anxious to sign him as an undrafted free agent? Jerry Langton tells you what Colts fans should know about Davis.

Tanard Davis, CB

Numbers: 5110/187 pounds/4.25-forty speed

2005 stats: None

The player: If you liked Roscoe Crosby, an outstanding athlete with little football experience, you'll love Davis — an even better athlete with even less playing time. If you're impressed by natural skill, you may be pleased to know that Davis left no less a lightning bolt than Bears second-rounder Devin Hester in the dust at Miami's Pro Day. Not only did he run a blistering 4.25 forty, but he also exploded for a 41.5-inch vertical, ran a 4.12 short shuttle and a 6.80 cone, not to mention hoisting the bar a surprising 17 times.

But it you look at his football resume, it's pretty slim — a half dozen tackles and a couple of big plays over three years. With a team as star-studded as Miami's, it's not too surprising that Davis didn't play much. He attempted to transfer to Howard to get some live-action reps, but it didn't work out. Realistically, still a track star trying his hand at football, Davis needs to learn the nuances of the game and demonstrate that he can cover, tackle and make the pick.

How he fits: Any ideas I might have about Davis are pure speculation. Sure he can run and he's strong, but he needs to prove he can catch the ball as a returner and find it as a defensive back. Unless he comes out of the box like a cat on fire in training camp, look for the Colts to try to stash him in hopes he learns how to play the game.

Reminds me of: Jimmie McKenzie, Texans

Photo: University of Miami

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