Five Questions With Daunte Culpepper

The Colts take on the Dolphins and their new quarterback, Daunte Culpepper, in Week 17 of the 2006 season. Here are five of the most important questions Culpepper answered for the media in Miami on Saturday.

(On if he thinks people are wondering what he is made of or if his knee is healthy)
"I think it's all a part of it. I don't know how many people have come back from an injury like this. That's some of the question. For the most part, physically, I feel great. I'm coming along, moving along. It's a day-by-day process and it's a lot of work, but I'm just glad to be able to go out, go through practice and not have any setbacks so far. I feel pretty good."

(On if he is surprised by his progress)
"Not really because I'm a guy that thrives off determination. I'm determined to be successful at everything I do. This is like another roadblock. It's a tough roadblock, but like I said, I'm glad for the opportunity. I thank God I'm healing the way I'm healing. I just have to keep doing the same things I've been doing."

(On if he attributes his progress to anything)
"When I chose my surgeon, Dr. (James) Andrews in Alabama, I did my homework on a couple different guys and he was the one who I felt was one of the best. I went to him and when I woke up out of surgery, he told me we did some double-knotting, some double-tying and reinforced some of those ligaments in there for you. That's all I needed to hear. The rest is on me to get in the weight room, to get back so I could start walking and get to running. Once I got to running and jogging, I knew then I was going to continue to strengthen. I've got a lot of help from the trainers here and even my training staff up in Orlando who I was working with up there, HealthSouth. They did a tremendous job with me. I just thank God that I'm healing the way I'm healing."

(On if Brad Childress' questions about him have added to his determination)
"Absolutely, absolutely. That was a new regime up there. Those guys, I don't think they really knew me because if they did, they wouldn't have questioned my attitude and my determination to come back and be ready. It happened that way and things always seem to work out the way they should work out. I'm glad for the opportunity that I have here."

(On how he is understanding the offense)
"Coach (Scott) Linehan, he's been one of my best coaches, I love him, he's not here now, but he was here, he put his system in here. We had a system in Minnesota, so me making the transition wasn't as tough as a lot of people would think because a lot of the plays, a lot of the terminology is almost the same. I kind of stepped in. I knew a lot of the audibles and how the audible fits the packages. I'm more excited about just getting out and doing because I was in the bed for about a month, then I started walking. The physical part, me getting out and doing it physically, mentally about the playbook is really not a big problem. It's just me getting out and doing it, getting accustomed to dropping back, having my timing with the receivers and the backs, working with the linemen, stuff like that."

(On if he will be ready for the season-opener)
"That's the perfect world. I would love that, but at the same time, Coach Saban and I are on the same page – and the training staff with K.O. (Head Athletic Trainer Kevin O'Neill) – we just need to take this stuff day-by-day. I'm not making any predictions. I would love to be ready. That's my goal, but like I said, there are limitations with an injury like this and I have to continue to work at it. It's a work in progress everyday."

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