Colts Q&A: Gerran Walker

Colts rookie wide receiver and returns specialist Gerran Walker spoke to ColtPower's Ed Thompson about the teams that were interested in him, his rookie mini-camp experience, where he fits in with the Colts and much more!

Q: Tell me a little about you're major that you chose and what you hope to do with that major eventually once you're done with football?

GW: Well I majored in Africana Studies. I actually have to go back and take a few more electives to finish my degree, but I'm done with my major. I want to get into business once I'm done with football. And that's not especially part of my major, but I'd like to get into business and entrepreneurship.

Q: I know Lehigh is a great school and the big thing in college is just to learn how to learn how to apply what you learned so it's an outstanding university. What did you enjoy the most about your senior year at Lehigh?

GW: Senior year it was just going out there and knowing that it was your last year so every game had to count. Also just to be out there healthy, it kind of brings everything together because coming into that season we thought we had a chance to achieve pretty big things and go into the Division I-AA playoffs. I just enjoy spending time with my teammates and fellow seniors -- we were a close group of guys. I would say my favorite moment was our first game of the season, I had a pretty good game that day against Monmouth, I had 307 all-purpose yards. That's something I'll always remember.

Q: In college you had to battle through some injuries. I saw one reference you made that you felt that hurt your statistics a little bit. Tell us a little about those injuries and how they impacted you.

GW: It was early on in my career. I would have a hamstring injury in training camp. It never really happened during the season. I always got hurt doing some running drills or something like that -- and it was frustrating. I was trying to get out there as soon as I could and show what I could do because it was eating me up inside knowing that I can help my team. And I don't feel that I really showed Lehigh what I could do on a consistent base. I showed some glimpses here and there, but I never really gave them, for what I feel, all that I could offer as far as me going out there and just delivering each and every week. I had some glimpses but I can't really look back on it. You know injuries happen all the time and the approach I took from my junior year on is that football is a sport where those types of things happen. So what I did was try and push all the things I could as far as getting things like treatment and stretching and icing as much as possible and everything else was out of my hands.

Q: While scouts were evaluating you, what were you hearing they liked about you as a player and what teams were showing interest in you as you were coming up to the draft?

GW: Mainly my speed, that was a big positive for me -- my forty-times, my versatility with my returns services and as a receiver, so I bring a few things to the table that can help a football team. I worked out in front of a lot of teams, I went back to my hometown and worked out for the Atlanta Falcons with some other local guys. The Steelers showed interest, I had a real good workout with the Redskins, the Panthers, the Eagles, and I got a lot of calls leading up to the week of the draft just to verify my whereabouts, I heard from about ten teams.  Everything worked out pretty good on my end, I'm happy to be here where I am right now so I can only look up from here and make the best of this situation.

Q: Did you know the Colts were interested in you before they called with an offer?

GW: Yes, the Colts were one of the teams that called me the week leading up to the draft. They were at one of my workouts this year and I did some good things there, so I knew it would be a possibility but with all the teams calling I didn't really think which team was more so realistic.

Q: Did anybody else actually call you with a contract offer and if so how did you pick the Colts?

GW: My agent, around the 5th or 6th round started evaluating teams based on my ability to make their roster, whether they called or not at that point. The Colts were right up there and so after the draft teams called him and I just let them handle the situation. I trusted them to put me in the best situation. With the Colts being higher on the list and I don't know how it went down but I was happy once I knew I was coming here. 

Q: What was it like arriving at rookie camp on a personal level, how are you feeling about that whole experience?

GW:  I was excited to get going, just to try to measure myself with the other guys that were coming in. Even more so, this past mini-camp, competing.  I like competing with the best and I consider myself to be just as talented as these guys, so I want to kick it in and try to make some plays, establish some confidence there and try to get the attention of the coaches, impress these guys going into training camp. 

Q: What did you do that weekend? What were some of the highlights of what they got you involved in?

GW: Basically at rookie camp we did kickoff return drills and one-on-ones were some of the most fun things at that point because you didn't really know the plays good so you might mess up running a different route, but going one-on-one it was pretty much you would get the other guy and not really get what you were doing it wasn't really dictated by a route or a play call, it was just you against that guy, so I think even on defense you'd find that was the things the guys enjoyed the most as well. 

Q: How overwhelming does the playbook look right now as a rookie?

GW: (laughs) It's a big difference from college. The terminology, and the audibles, it's going to be tough -- but I'm up for the challenge.

Q: Will you be competing for punt return specialist as well or mainly receiver and kickoffs?

GW: Mainly receiver and kick return but I will try to do some punt return drills as well. I just want to help the team anyway I can whatever they need me to do to make the roster, I'm willing to do it. I have a lot of versatility, so I can be used in a lot of areas.

Q: Did this whole thing really sink in for you once all the veterans were out there at the full mini-camp?

GW: Once I saw Peyton, and Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne, I know these guys are big players in this league.  I wasn't really star struck because I'm just here to make the team and do what I can do as well, so I'm just here to learn from them and watch them, watch how these guys carry themselves, and hopefully I can emulate that. 

Q: Did you have a chance to talk to Marvin at all?

GW: I exchanged a few words with him, not as far as about football, just talking in general. Reggie Wayne gave us some advice about how to learn the plays, the proper technique on certain routes, and stuff like that so, we're going to learn from these guys. 

Q: In the Colt's offense do you see yourself as someone who could be successful in the slot who could catch that short pass underneath and then use your abilities to break free?

GW: I feel as though as once I get the plays down and learn the system  and adjust to the speed of the game -- you know, it's a big transition from college -- I think I can play in this offense, definitely in the slot because they like to throw the quick stuff, and that's what I do. I catch the ball in space, run with it, and make big plays out of what should have been good for just five yards. I just have to learn the plays and become a better player every day. 

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