Maurice Drew Press Conference Highlights

Former UCLA running back Maurice Drew arrived in Jacksonville to work out with his new team and met with the media. Remarkably poised and confident, Drew is ready to take on any role to help the Jaguars win a Super Bowl.

(on his first day back on the practice field)
"I am in pretty good shape right now. It's just the humidity is different than it is in California so I had to go out there and get a little extra conditioning in. The first day is always the hardest. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a little bit easier."

(on how it feels to get back on the field and get all the other stuff behind him)
"It really didn't bother me. People were saying stuff to my family and all the negative press. I was just practicing football and getting ready to get out here. Now all of that is behind me and I get to go ahead and help Jacksonville win the Super Bowl. That is what it's really about."

(on how much he needs to learn to catch up with his teammates)
"I have to learn the playbook over again. It's pretty tough, but they are helping me so I'm not that far behind. They are still running the plays we ran in mini-camp 
so I have to catch up with extra meetings and extra conditioning. I will be out here the rest of the time. I'm not going anywhere."

(on if it's different learning in the classroom and using it on the field) 
"I learned a little bit today in meetings and came out and started running some of the stuff and it's still hard. You have every movement and shift, all these different sets. It's pretty tough, but it's the same offense I ran in college so it's easier for me to grasp."

(on what his expectations are as a rookie)
"I will do whatever it takes to win. I'm not here for me. That doesn't bother me at all. Obviously, my first goal is to play running back. If I have to work in and get to know all the plays, I am going to do whatever it takes. If it's as a punt returner, it's punt returner. If it's blocking or playing wide receiver, it's whatever they 
want me to do. I don't care. If I have to play the offensive line, I will be down there in a three-point (stance) blocking. It's a team game where everyone is trying to do their job. Wherever they put me, I am going to do the best I can."

(on if him and Marcedes Lewis will be here until training camp)
"I don't know about Marcedes (Lewis). I think he's going home for a week or so to pack. I brought all my stuff out here so I will be out here for the rest of the 

(on if he feels like what he went through off the field will help him as a person)
 'I really think it was a blessing because I can teach people now. People can see it through me now instead of going through them. Get away from trouble. Even though I did get away, people saw me there. Don't put yourself in that situation. Now I can go around and tell people that like the younger guys coming up, and mentor the younger kids coming up, learn from me and don't do what I did. Even though I didn't do anything wrong, don't put yourself in that situation."

(on his personality)
"I am a happy person just like everyone else. I eat and sleep just like everybody else. It's behind me now. It never bothered me. I'm still going to be me. I've never changed and I'm not going to change."

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