Colts Draft Picks: Friday Night Update

Michael Toudouze was signed late Friday afternoon by Indianapolis. Ed Thompson provides ColtPower Insiders with what he's hearing from his network of contacts and agents regarding the status of other negotiations.

Based on what I'm hearing from agents, a major issue that has been slowing down the negotiations with many of the players is the Colts' desire to sign players to the maximum four-year contract as permitted by the CBA agreement for players drafted in rounds 2-7. Agents have preferred three-year deals in the past so that their clients can become a restricted free agent after just three seasons. For the Colts, they also get the added advantage of spreading the signing bonus out over an extra year.

As a result, a lot of dickering is going on over the contract length versus signing bonuses. In exchange for skipping restricted free agency by agreeing to a four-year deal, agents want more up-front money for their players. But coming up with the right dollar figure in exchange for that swap-off while still keeping the first-year outlay within the team's rookie salary pool apparently has been a major sticking point.

Since Joseph Addai was selected in the latter half of round one, he can be offered a five-year deal (players in the top half of the first round can be offered a six-year contract). That is apparently what the Colts are putting on the table according to one of my sources close to the NFL, and it doesn't appear to be a problem for Addai's camp.

I spoke to Ian Greengross, Joseph Addai's agent late Friday afternoon and he told me that he and the team are still very active in their negotiations and they are making progress with every exchange.

As a result, it should take a major breakdown for Addai not to be in camp on time. It wouldn't even be surprising to see an agreement reached by the end of the day on Saturday.

Negotiations are also moving along well with second-round pick Tim Jennings. While his agent, Alan Herman -- who also represents Michael Toudouze -- told me that a deal wouldn't be completed by this evening, he seemed optimistic that the sides were getting close enough that a Saturday deal wasn't out of the question for Jennings either.

Negotiations were actively continuing into Friday evening though for the Colts' lower round draft picks now that Toudouze has been signed. A late-night agreement and mid-Saturday announcement on players like seventh-rounder T.J. Rushing and sixth-rounder Antoine Bethea is likely.

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