Texans Training Camp: Power Quotes

The Houston Texans have opened their training camp. Want the most insightful scoop on what's going on in one quick read? It's right here with the most powerful quotes from their players following their first full day of workouts.

Rookie defensive end Mario Williams

(on his first practice as a Texan)
"It's business now, this is our life. You've got to take it seriously, it's not OTA's. You have to kick it up a notch, run with it and keep going hard."

Quarterback David Carr

(on the struggle during his first four seasons)
"Standing here right now, the way I feel about this offense, the group of guys around me and my coaching staff, it was definitely worth it. Going through a two win season and 76 sacks in my first year, this is definitely worth it. There's a different feeling about this team than what we've had before. I know I feel better about myself, better than I've felt in five years of playing football, so I'm excited."

RB Domanick Davis

(on difference from last year)
"It's different, really different. We have a new coach in with zone blocking. He wants to run the ball and that's good for me. I'm really looking forward to having a good season."

Tackle Zach Wiegert

(on what head coach Gary Kubiak has brought to the offensive line)
"It's a lot of the same techniques, really. His is more of a speed-type deal. Last year, we did a lot of more inside and power zone stuff. We still zone blocked, but it was straight-ahead stuff. This is more of getting to the edges. It's identical, basically, to what Denver runs. I think it's real effective."

Defensive end Travis Johnson

(on trying to prove himself to everybody else)
"Every day I'm going to try and prove myself and prove everybody wrong. The people who said I couldn't do it are wrong. That's all you can expect to do is put a little fire on it and keep going. I fight best when my back is against the wall."

Linebacker Sam Cowart

(on his impression of LB DeMeco Ryans)
"DeMeco's going to be good. To me, you get different types of linebackers; some tall, some medium sized, some short, some can run, some can't run and some can hit. When you look at film of other teams, I look at other linebackers, I look at their eyes, instinct, and do they have good footwork. He has all three."

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans

(on the toughest part of the transition into an NFL training camp)
"The terminology and just being accountable after having just learned the system. Also, getting thrown into the fire and being expected to play. It's pretty tough. Football is football. It's a little faster game since guys are stronger, but I've gotten faster and stronger, so it's still football."

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