Addai is Ecstatic Over Colts Contract

The Indianapolis Colts' number one draft pick, running back Joseph Addai, will be in camp when the team reports on Sunday. And he couldn't be happier with his reported five-year deal valued at over $11 million.

After days of steady progress, the Indianapolis Colts reached agreement with their top pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, running back Joseph Addai. The deal is reportedly for $11.65 million over 5 years with $4.7 million guaranteed. During a phone interview this evening, Addai's agent, Ian Greengross, told ColtPower that the negotiations went fairly smoothly.

"When I went to the Colts, we decided to handle this in two parts," he explained. "We did the base contract first, and then the incentives. I laid out my thoughts, the Colts laid out their thoughts, we each took a couple of days to analyze it, then we started moving towards what each of us thought was important."

But that's not to say that there weren't a few points over which they initially disagreed. But they stayed committed to working through them.

"Any time we ran up against a wall, each side was willing to listen so we could get past each wall," he said. "As of yesterday (Friday), we had reached one of those walls. And since it was towards the end of the negotiations, that always means its a bigger wall.

"You never know for sure how you're going to get through that last one, but we managed to do it today."

And as for Joseph Addai's reaction to news? Greengross summed it up with two words.

"He's ecstatic," he said.

Addai has been progressing well since arriving in Indy, working out, and attending various voluntary and mandatory camps.

"Much to Joseph's credit, he's been a hard-worker since day one," Greengross said. "He even skipped the rookie premiere that the top rookies are invited to for their rookie photo card shoot in order to stay with the Colts so he could be 110 percent ready for the first day."

The first full day of workouts will be on Monday. And both the fans and the media will be watching closely for the balance of the summer to see if either the rookie or veteran Dominic Rhodes will emerge as a clear favorite to be the starter on opening day. The Colts have alluded to a plan that would allow both talented players to share the load. But how much is the highly-hyped training camp battle weighing on Addai's mind as he heads to Terre Haute?

"Joseph knows the talent that he has, and he's going to go out there and hustle and do everything that he's capable of doing," Greengross said. "And he knows that if he does that, the Colts will find a way to get him on the field."

Jennings Set to Report
According to an Indianapolis Star report, the agent for second-round pick Tim Jennings confirmed that the cornerback has also agreed to terms and will be in camp on Sunday. That leaves just third-round pick Freddie Keiaho's status unknown heading into Sunday morning.

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