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8/4, 12:45 p.m. Update

Tom James at reports that...

- Special teams coach Russ Purnell likes what he sees in both of his kickers, Adam Vinatieri and Shane Andrus. "Adam's a very capable kickoff guy," Purnell explained. "If Adam had a tired leg or was injured, Shane has proven that he can kick off... He's a good kicker and a hard-working kid.">

 - Vinatieri successfully converted seven of eight field-goal attempts an early-practice drill Wednesday evening.

James is also reporting at that...

- Wide receiver and returns specialist Terrence Wilkins is glad to be back with the Colts. "The offense is pretty much the same as when I was here before, but they've added several wrinkles to it since then. That's what I'm trying to learn and pick up on now," he said.

- Rookie linebacker Kyle Killion returned to practice after missing some sessions due to a sore throat and fever.

- Cornerback and returns specialist T.J. Rushing has a slight groin strain, but is expected to be back shortly, perhaps in time for Saturday's Blue and White game where the veterans play against the rookies.

Mike Chappell at reports that...

- Based on weight, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney be the smallest starting defensive end tandem in the league, but they believe that just makes them trendsetters. "I try to outrun them, get them tired," Mathis said. "The game is going more toward the direction of speed. You know, speed kills."

- Running back Vashon Pearson is expected to miss a week of practice due to a groin strain.

John Oehser at says that...

- Colts head coach is noticing good progress from last year's top pick, cornerback Marlin Jackson. "Things he had to think about and things he wasn't sure about last year, he knows now," Dungy said.

- Jackson believes he'll be more effective this year because of the great experience he gained as the nickel cornerback last year. "I found out when I got in those games you can't be hesitant. You've got to be ready to go, reading your keys and just reacting and going. I think this year I'll feel a lot more comfortable doing that."

8/3, 8:05a.m. Update

Phillip Wilson at says that...

- Rookie offensive lineman Charlie Johnson is rooming with fellow offensive line draft pick Michael Toudouze. He's looking forward to the Colts' November 19th game at Dallas because he grew up about an hour north of Dallas and lots of friends and family will be in attendance.

- Only 12 players on the Colts current offseason roster have been with the team longer than head coach Tony Dungy.

John Oehser at reports that ....

- Defensive tackle Montae Reagor will miss the first preseason game due to his sprained knee ligament.

- The team plans to get slot receiver Brandon Stokely more involved in the offense again this year. He had just one touchdown pass last season. "That's a point of emphasis this year, to get Brandon back involved in our offense, to hopefully make us more explosive," Peyton Manning said.

- Dominic Rhodes wants to be sure that people stop worrying about the Colts no longer having Edgerrin James in the offense. "I know everybody's talking about Edge (former Colts running back Edgerrin James), but watch the Colts' backs this year. We're going to go out and put on a show and make sure that everybody around here forgets about Edge," Rhodes said.

- Tony Dungy really likes rookie running back Joseph Addai's composure. "He's been in with Peyton and had plays change at the last second. None of that has flustered him. He understands how to play the game. He's got tremendous speed and he's maybe a little bit better in the hole than we first thought." he said.

Tom James at reports that...

- Rookie Freddie Keiaho tooked some ribbing from his teammates for missing the two hottest days of practice. "They were busting me a little bit, but what can you expect. They've been out here practicing four practices in this drenching heat while I've been back in San Diego hanging out with my wife," he said.

- Tony Dungy pointed out that part of the reason Keiaho wouldn't be far behind the rest of the team is that he attended last week's voluntary 3-day rookie camp. "That's one of the reasons why we do the rookie program the way we do it and really go over the first three days. He had that last week and it's a matter of catching up. He's worked at it, so he did a good job for his first day," he said.

- Chris Laskowksi has made a good transition from the linebacker position to safety.

Dennis Clark at reports that...

- Linebacker Gary Brackett joked that the fans at last night's practice seemed to enjoy watching the offense click. "[The crowd] was a little one-sided … a lot of cheers for the offense," kidded Brackett. "Hopefully, they can share some of that cheers for the defense. Other than that, I think we had a lot of fun out here. I think we got a lot accomplished."

Mike Chappell at reports that...

- Four Colts safeties were sidelined for last night's practice. In addition to Bob Sanders (shoulder) and Mike Doss (calf), both Antoine Bethea (knee) and Antwan Marsh (knee) were held out of the practice. 

8/2, 2:15 p.m. Update

Mike Chappell at reports that...

- Defensive tackle Montae Reagor's knee problem is a sprained ligament and will likely miss at least two weeks of action.

- Rookie linebacker Freddie Keiaho doesn't think missing two days of camp will set him back. "Our defense isn't that complicated,'' Keiaho said. "I have a good understanding of it.''

Brent Glasgow at reports that...

- Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri is even more impressed by the Colts than he was with the Patriots. "My former team was a great team, but this team is incredible," Vinatieri said. "The guys on this team, not only on a skill level, (they're) a lot of good guys. The camaraderie and the brotherhood here is what's cool about it."

8/2, 10:45 a.m. Update

Todd Golden at reports that...

- The Colts have fostered an environment where the veterans know it's to their advantage to help the younger players and not feel threatened by their presence. "On a good team, guys aren't worried about losing their jobs or, ‘I'm going to lose playing time because this guy is going to take my job," head coach Tony Dungy said. "I've got to help him. Because when he's in there, we need him to do well."

Tom James at reports that...

- The Colts worked in shoulder pads and shorts for both sessions on Tuesday.

- Saturday at 8:30 a.m. the veterans will take on the rookies in the Blue-White scrimmage at Cook Stadium. Tony Dungy will coach the rookies while defensive coordinator Ron Meeks will coach the veterans.

- Safety Mike Doss is likely to be out until Friday at the earliest with a strained calf muscle.

- Shaun King, Josh Betts and Mike McGann split backup reps during the team's 

Mike Chappell at reports that...

- Defensive tackle Corey Simon claims he has lost 25 pounds and wants to lose 10 to 15 more. "I think he's going to have a lights-out year," Tony Dungy said.

- Wide receiver Aaron Moorehead is practicing once a day after recovering from surgery for a bulging disc during the offseason. "It's been good,'' Moorehead said. "(The back) probably hurts more when I rest it than when I'm actually out there running around.

Phillip Wilson at says that...

- Rookie defensive back Antoine Bethea doesn't play video games. "I was just never into it. It's not real life. That's what I tell my friends at home. They can sit at home all day and play. Get out there for real and do it," he said.

8/2, 1:00 a.m. Update

Michael Marot of the Associated Press reports that ...

- Colts quarterback Peyton Manning had high praise for running back Dominic Rhodes this week. "He's one of the most competitive guys around," Manning said.

Dennis Clark at reports that...

- Joseph Addai is already establishing himself as a team player, even in the face of one of the camp's biggest battles against Dominic Rhodes.  "Everybody wants to compete to get their job, but at the same time you have to understand where the focus is … it's to try to win," Addai said. "Everyone wants to be on the same page."

Tom Weir at reports that ....

- Colts head coach Tony Dungy liked the explosiveness Joseph Addai displayed on Monday. "He got into the secondary and ran away from our safeties. That was good to see," Dungy said.

John Oehser at reports that ....

- Backup quarterback Jim Sorgi didn't practice on Tuesday. "We're just trying to make sure we don't overwork his arm," head coach Tony Dungy said.

- Defensive tackle Montae Reagor had an MRI on his sore knee and will likely miss a couple of days of practice.

- Coach Tony Dungy acknowledged that Shaun King was still learning the Colts offense after just recently signing with the team. "When the game's on the line, he's going to do well, but right now, he's catching up," Dungy said.

- Linebacker Gary Brackett was voted defensive team captain for this season. He's pretty much getting the label on a role he's already been playing," said fellow linebacker Cato June.

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