Robinson's Curious Return to the Roster

Just a day after the team announced his release, Arizona State linebacker Dale Robinson was back on the Indianapolis Colts roster. The boomerang-like transaction was most curious for a number of reasons.

Arizona State linebacker Dale Robinson was one of three players who reported to the Colts training camp on Sunday, only to be told a short time later that he was being released.

Wide receiver Gerran Walker, one of those three players released, told me this evening that he, Robinson, and Jamie Goodwin arrived at the team meeting after reporting to camp. Before the meeting got rolling, Walker says the trio was pulled out of the meeting room and were told that they were being released.

"It was a numbers thing," Walker says that he and the other two players were told, a reference to the 80-man roster limit during the offseason.

Walker, Goodwin, and Robinson all packed up to head home. But Robinson was reinstated to the Colts roster practically before he had time to unpack his bags. He apparently got the word on Monday that he needed to head back to Terre Haute.

Although he wasn't spotted out on the field again on Tuesday, he is back on Indianapolis' roster. But the question is, for how long? And why was he bounced off in the first place? Was it some sort of communications mistake and the Colts bounced the wrong guy? Or were they concerned that Keiaho might not get into camp for a while and didn't want to be short two linebackers?

With the flurry of moves the Colts officially announced on Monday, their roster was exactly at the 80-man mark based on my calculations. They had 43 on offense, 39 on defense, and four special teams players. Out of that 86, six of them have roster exemptions tied to NFL Europe activity.

With the return of Robinson, and the imminent addition of third-round pick Freddie Keiaho, the Colts will have to look at releasing two other players in the next couple of days if they plan to keep Robinson around this time.

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