Dungy's Wednesday a.m. Post-Practice Quotes

Colts head coach Tony Dungy shared his thoughts with the media following Wednesday morning's practice. Here's what he had to say about his increasingly banged-up secondary, rookie Freddie Keiaho's arrival and much more!

(on the third day of practice at training camp)
"We got some good work in and got to work in the red zone and had a couple of injuries. With defensive backs getting banged around, we're running a little short, numbers wise there, but all in all I thought a pretty good day. We've got some guys learning how to practice and what it takes to be good at this level."

(on the possibility of Marlin Jackson at safety)
"Well, that's something we'll talk about. Maybe for a few days until these guys get back. It's something we know is in our back pocket that we could do. Marlin is working at corner right now and doing well, so, we're hesitant to move him if we can help it." 

(on LB-Freddie Keiaho)
"We're happy to get Freddie, we felt it was just going to be a matter of time. That's one of the reasons why we do the rookie program the way we do it and really go over the first three days. He had that last week and now it's a matter of catching up and he's worked at it. He did a good job for his first day."

(on the running game)
"Our running game has been good so far. Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai bring some slashing ability, some explosion, and some open field ability. James Mungro has been like he always has, very dependable and very good. Vashon Pearson has been good for us. I think we've got a good group."

(on Dominic Rhodes #1 RB on the depth chart)
"Dominic deserves it. He has the most experience. He has played, he is a 1,000-yard rusher and number two behind Edgerrin (James) last year. That's where it is and we'll see what happens."

(on first impressions of Joseph Addai)
"The biggest thing about Joseph so far, I think everyone on the staff has talked about, is composure. We do a lot of things on offense and he's run with the first group, been in with Peyton, had some plays changed at the last second, and none of that has flustered him. He did a good job in pass protection in the two drills that we had. He understands how to play the game. He has tremendous speed. He's a little bit better in the hole than we thought. He's made some people miss in the hole in his first three days, but more than anything, he doesn't seem to get flustered and that's going to help him."

(on friendly competition at running back)
"It is, and I think when you're a good team that's what happens, whether it's at QB, RB, or DB. You know that guys are going to be in there at certain points of the seasons and they have to be able to perform. That's how it was when Dominic ( Rhodes ) got here. Edgerrin (James) went down and he got 1,100 yards because he was ready to go. I know he remembers that and that's the way I think our whole team feels."

(on the running backs in pass protection)
"Pass protection is critical for us and all of those guys know it. That's one thing where Edgerrin (James) was really underrated. I think he was a tremendous protector. So, they have big shoes to fill, but the positive is you want to be in the game and that's the situation. You have to be able to protect and they know that."

(on what it takes for the team to "cross the finish line")
"I think we just have to continue to grow as a team, to get our chemistry going in training camp. I believe this is where it starts and to just do what we did last year but do it a little bit better. I wouldn't change anything that we did. Hopefully, what we don't do is become complacent. I know we will have a lot of talk around town and the media about ‘Well, in the playoffs that's when we'll find out about the team,' but that's not the case. You find out in training camp, preseason, and regular season of what you're made of and hopefully we're made of the right stuff to give ourselves a chance in the playoffs."

(on the wide receivers)
"I like all of our receivers. We have guys who at any given week can be a dominating force. They understand how the game goes. Two years ago, people were stacking the line of scrimmage and they had 1,000 yard years and 10 touchdowns. Last year the games didn't go that way, we ran the ball more, we ran it more in the red zone and didn't get as many big plays. But we were winning and those guys were fine with it. As you say, with receivers that isn't always the case but we have a lot of guys who can play and know they can catch the ball. They like to win."

(on night practices)
"As much as these guys don't want to admit it, they really do enjoy it. I think you'll see some deep balls come out tonight when the fans start cheering, some guys wanting to make plays and I think everyone appreciates the big stage."

Addai/Rhodes photo by John Harrell/AP

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