Best Available Free Agents

The Colts just signed two free agents to their roster to add some safety and running back depth. Take a look at who else was available and see if you think they pulled in the right players based on their current situation.

The Colts signed former Texans Tony Hollings (RB) and Jammal Lord (S) as their depth at both positions have taken a hit due to injuries. Were they simply grabbing a couple of players to fill the lower-end slots on their training camp roster, or are these two players they feel could make a run at the 53-man roster? Take a look at the best talent available at the moment at each position in the NFL according to our NFL experts at and see what you think...

Kerry Collins
Tommy Maddox
Vinny Testaverde
Tony Banks
Shane Matthews
Jeff Blake
Ty Detmer
Craig Krenzel
Travis Brown
Josh Harris
Rod Rutherford

Running Back
Jonathan Wells
Lamar Gordon
Stephen Davis
Mike Cloud
J.R. Redmond
James Jackson

Jarrod Baxter
Harold Morrow
Omar Easy

Wide Receiver
Kevin Johnson
Az-Zahir Hakim
Johnnie Morton
Ricky Proehl
Patrick Johnson
Rashaun Woods
Eddie Berlin
P.J. Fleck

Tight End
Lamont Hall
Roland Williams
Cam Cleeland
Shad Meier
Chad Lewis
Brian Kozlowski
Zeron Flemister
Wesley Duke
Sean Berton

Ron Stone
Kendyl Jacox
Victor Riley (OT)
Fred Weary
Larry Moore (C)
Cameron Spikes

Offensive Tackle
Orlando Brown
Matt Stinchcomb
Ethan Brooks
Jacob Rogers
Scott Gragg

Jeff Mitchell
Cory Raymer
Cory Withrow

Todd Peterson
Paul Edinger
Jose Cortez

Kyle Richardson
Tom Tupa
Sean Landeta
Bryan Barker
Micah Knorr

Defensive Tackle
Grady Jackson
Dan Wilkinson
Brenston Buckner
Lance Legree (DE)
Steve Martin
Travis Hall (DE in 3-4)
Josh Williams
Willie Blade

Defensive End
Duane Clemons
Gary Walker (DT in 4-3)
Adrian Dingle
Carl Powell (DT)

Inside/Middle Linebacker
Earl Holmes
Rocky Calmus
Chris Claiborne (WLB)
Orlando Ruff
Trev Faulk (OLB)
Ronald McKinnon
Frank Chamberlin
Kenyatta Wright
Zeke Moreno

Outside Linebacker
Jamie Sharper (WLB/SLB)
Peter Boulware (SLB)
Junior Seau (WLB, SLB)
Nate Wayne (WLB)
DeLawrence Grant (SLB)
Marcus Reese (SLB)
Eddie Moore (SLB)

Will Peterson
Dexter McCleon
Joseph Jefferson (S)
Kevin Thomas
Tony Beckham
Denard Walker
Dale Carter
Ralph Brown
Willie Williams
Dewayne Washington
Terry Fair

Lance Schulters
Antuan Edwards
Brent Alexander
Kim Herring
Jerome Woods
Reggie Tongue
Keion Carpenter
Ronnie Heard
Earl Little
Jerry Wilson
Ifeanyi Ohalete
Bracy Walker
John Howell

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