Colts Offense Wins on Final Play

Due to the number of players hindered by injuries, the Colts' annual Blue & White scrimmage had to be altered a bit. Instead of the rookies versus the veterans, the offense took on the defense with points awarded to both squads.

With too many players missing to hold an effective rookies versus veterans scrimmage, the Colts offense took on the Colts defense in front of over 3,000 fans in Terre Haute. Points were awarded to each unit for scoring, offensive plays of 20 yards or more, takeaways, forcing fumbles, tackles for a loss or a sack, and forcing a punting situation.

The offense emerged victorious when quarterback Shaun King, who ran two series in the scrimmage, hit undrafted rookie Brian Hare out of Purdue on a 14-yard pass play with no time remaining that gave the offense a narrow 16-15 edge over the defense. King used his scrambling ability to roll right and put the ball perfectly where only Hare could pull it in.

King said it's a play they've worked on in camp.

"We do a little scramble drill – high in the back of the end zone where it's his ball or nobody's ball," he told John Oehser at

Unofficial stats being reported by the Associated Press are as follows:

Peyton Manning: 18-of-27 for 206 yards
Jim Sorgi: 7-of-11 for 50 yards
Shaun King: 8-for-10 for 50 yards and 1 TD

Aaron Moorehead: 4-29
Reggie Wayne: 3-33
Marvin Harrison: 2-35

Dominic Rhodes: 5-29
Joseph Addai: 3-11

Scoring Summary

Peyton Manning 28-yard pass to Marvin Harrison (1-0)

Defense sacked Manning (1-1)

Adam Vinatieri 25-yard field goal (4-1, offense)

Defense forced a 3-and-out and a punt against the offense led by Jim Sorgi (5-4, defense)

TE Bryan Fletcher fumbled (8-4 defense)

DE Josh Thomas sacked Manning for a 5-yard loss (9-4, defense)

Manning 20-yard pass to Brandon Stokley (9-5, defense)

Darrell Reid sack (10-5, defense)

Defense forced a 3-downs-and out and a forced punt (15-5, defense)

Manning 20-yard pass to Aaron Moorehead (15-6, defense)

Adam Vinatieri 30-yard field goal (15-9)

Shaun King 14-yard touchdown pass to Brian Hare, extra point good (16-15 offense)

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