Freeney Back at Practice

Other media outlets smelled a story and got Colts fans all worked up with the news that Dwight Freeney was watching the Tuesday morning practice from the sidelines. ColtPower waited for more information, refusing to join the frenzy.

The headlines today at other media sites were startling for Colts fans:

"Colts take another hit with Freeney out"...

"Wounded Colts Lose Freeney too"...

"Colts Star Defensive End Expected To Have an MRI"...

So why didn't ColtPower blast a horrific headline at you regarding Dwight Freeney's sore shoulder that kept him out of this morning's practice?

Simply because it didn't seem to be that big of a deal yet. Lots of players have sat out a single practice for one reason or another. Head coach Tony Dungy said Freeney had some soreness that was simply a strain, not an injury from a single hit or event.

It happens. Heck, I wake up some days with unexplained soreness and I don't have professional football players smacking me around all day. How about you?

Oh, and guess what? Dwight Freeney was back on the practice field this afternoon.

But hey, those other media guys got to write an exciting tale while still riding their caffeine buzz from this morning's coffee.

Did Freeney have an MRI before going out on the field this afternoon? Or is he still scheduled for one? We don't know yet. But what we do know is this:

1. Either Freeney had the MRI and was cleared, confirming Dungy's comments that it was nothing serious.

2. He's still scheduled to have the MRI after practice, but the shoulder's not bothering him enough anymore to sit out the afternoon session.

Either way, at this point it doesn't appear to be very serious, and the sky is not falling as some eye-popping headlines may have led you to believe.

ColtPower will keep you posted as we learn any more facts about the situation.

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