Colts Q&A with Freddie Keiaho

Last week following rookie linebacker Freddie Keiaho's first two days of practice, Ed Thompson caught up with him to talk about his early experiences in Terre Haute with the Colts. Learn more about this exciting rookie in our exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: A lot of times when players hold out, especially when you're the lone holdout, fans get the wrong impression about the player. Were you concerned about that at all?

Freddie Keiaho: Yeah, that and what my teammates thought. But I believed in my heart I was holding out for a just cause, and I talked to a lot of the guys and they were on my side. It wasn't like I was asking for more money, I just wanted a fair deal ... I'm a football player, I just want to play football, so it was tough during those few days, especially when everything seemed to be up in the air. But I'm glad we came to a mutual solution.

ET: I heard your energy level is getting a lot of high marks and also that you blocked a kick during the night practice.

FK: Yes, they wanted us to test out the field goal team, and they wanted us to rush. I just slipped through and blocked the kick.

ET: Where were you lined up? Were you on the outside or the inside?

FK: I was lined up where the standing linebacker lines up. It was a PAT field goal block and the defense just stays up for that.

ET: Nice. Did that pump you up a little bit?

FK: Yeah, it was a good start to that late night practice, but I was a little tired towards the end because of the humidity and it being my first practice. I had a good start, but wish I could have finished on a better note.

ET: What were some of the highlights for you last night?

FK: Blocking the kick felt good. But I got bootlegged twice, they used my aggression against me. But I got to run around and mix it up a little bit and that was just fun being out there.

ET: Well, aggression is a good thing to get in trouble for.

FK: Yeah.

ET: Have you had an opportunity to be on the field with Joseph Addai yet?

FK: Yes, he's a really good running back. He's really shifty for how big he is really fast.

ET: What's it like being across the line from Peyton in a live situation like last night?

FK: It's kind of crazy, but I'm getting over that fact. It was more intense in OTAs because it was the first time. But after seeing him in OTAs you realize how big he is as a quarterback and that he doesn't make mistakes. He runs the offense so fluidly and they move the ball so well, it's amazing. He looks so many ways you don't get a good chance to get a clean break on his passes.

ET: Anything surprising you yet versus what you thought training camp would be like?

FK: Yeah, there's not a lot of contact. In college training camp they just beat the living snot out of us. With Coach Dungy, it's amazing, we haven't even had a live tackle drill yet.

ET: You're probably really anticipating that first preseason game just so you can really let loose.

FK: Yeah, I want to see myself react in a live situation, that's what counts. You can only tell so much from these practices.

ET: Were you out with the special teams group today?

FK: Yes I was.

ET: Talk about that practice. What drills did you run and how do you think you did?

FK: We ran a kickoff and kickoff return and then the punt teams today. It's a lot more to take in than in college. In college, I just would've grabbed the guy and thrown him to the ground and today the referee got on me about that. He said "I would have called you for holding" so that's going to take some getting used to.

ET: You were trying to block on a kick return?

FK: Yeah, I was on the returner's team and I was trying to block the guy on the punting team.

ET: Is there anything else you'd like me to pass on to the fans?

FK: Just that I'm glad to be here.

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