Colts Training Camp Report: Who's Hot?

As the Colts head back to Terre Haute to resume training camp, ColtPower answers the question of "Who's Hot" based on the first week and a half of camp. And as a bonus, we've included some feedback on a few of the rookies.

Who's Hot on Offense…

RB Joseph Addai – The rookie out of LSU has been as good as advertised during his first week of camp – maybe even better. Although he wasn't given much of a chance to show it Thursday night against the Rams, Addai has shown good power-running inside and good bursts of speed. Colts fans did get to see him catch a couple of passes Thursday night, which is something he's done very well so far in camp.

WR Marvin Harrison – Even though he's another year older and had surgery on his elbow and wrist during the offseason, Harrison continues to show the younger players how the position is played. He's not showing any sign of being tentative about fighting for the ball and laying himself out if need be to make the reception.

RB Dominic Rhodes – He's displayed a really good attitude so far and is taking advantage of his opportunity to show what he can do if the Colts will put the ball in his hands more frequently. Rhodes didn't get to show what he's been displaying in camp during the first week since the Colts only ran the ball a total of seven times in the first half against the Rams.

Who's Hot on Defense…

DE Dwight Freeney – The best pass-rushing defensive end in the league appears to have gotten even better since last season. Despite his recent shoulder soreness, Freeney has been like a man against boys in most of the pass-rushing drills during camp. He's just incredible to watch.

LB Gary Brackett – The new Colts defensive captain is out to prove that his first year as a full-time starter was not a fluke. He has been one of the players most consistently making plays behind the line of scrimmage, much to the frustration of the offensive players.

CB Marlin Jackson – Although Jackson sputtered a bit out of the gate in Thursday night's matchup, it may have simply been some opening night jitters. He looked much sharper during the first week of camp while switching off working with the first-team defense with incumbent starter Jason David at right cornerback. He has been looking sharper every day in camp, and if he can continue to do that, the coaching staff may not be able to keep him off the field.

Rookie Watch…

It's tough to evaluate rookies as "hot" after just one week, but here are a few that have at minimum had some impressive moments that should be drawing the attention of the coaches.

LB Freddie Keiaho– The Colts loved his passion and his football smarts when they evaluated him during the offseason, and Keiaho is proving to them that their instincts were dead-on. Just as you saw in Thursday night's game, Keiaho is not only lightning-quick, he has a great nose for the ball. Think back to how many times you saw the number 54 on your television screen Thursday night. If he wasn't making a tackle, he was usually in the area or in hot pursuit.

CB T.J. Rushing – Hampered by a groin strain a bit during his first week in camp, Rushing showed Colts fans Thursday night why Indianapolis started unloading some returns specialist talent early in camp. He's is showing great vision and is kicking into the right gear at the right time to add some excitement back into the Colts' returns game.

WR Ashlan Davis – You only got to see Davis return one kickoff Thursday night, but you'll see him get more chances. His initial acceleration is startling. If he can see the field a bit better while he's doing that, he's could be one of the select few undrafted rookies that make this team or at minimum should earn a practice squad spot.

OL Charlie Johnson – He's had a noteworthy camp so far, but we're going to tell you more about that in a separate feature. Keep an eye out for it.

S Antoine Bethea – Before his injury, Bethea was looking quite comfortable and confident for a rookie in his early practices. He's showing good focus and seems to be picking up the defensive scheme nicely.

DL Marcus West – This is a guy who didn't command extraordinary attention during his first week in camp, but he sure did get around well Thursday night making ten tackles to lead the team. It'll be interesting to see if that boosts his camp profile this week.

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