Laskowski: Minor Setback Not All Bad

Colts safety Chris Laskowski had offseason sports hernia surgery, did great with his rehab work and recovery, and was off to a fine start in training camp. Find out why his recent injury could actually be a good thing for Laskowski.

Colts safety Chris Laskowski was one of a handful of injured players who didn't make the trip to St. Louis for the team's preseason opener.

"It killed me to watch that game on television," Laskowski told ColtPower on Friday.

And with good reason. The Colts' secondary was so depleted due to injuries that even recent addition Jammal Lord got extensive playing time in the game. That could have been Laskowski, who's making the transition from linebacker to safety, instead.

Laskowski, who has missed practice for just over a week with a problem related to his offseason sports hernia surgery, is just about ready to get back on the field. And his setback wasn't necessarily a bad thing for his long-term recovery.

In the most basic of terms, a sports hernia involves a tear in the muscles of the lower abdomen. This tear can lead to the muscle pulling away from the bones.

After a player has surgery, scar tissue forms. The amount varies from player to player and the extent of the surgery. But the common denominator for all of them is that post-surgery scar tissue isn't as flexible as the original tissue. So the players have to work hard to make it as flexible as possible, paying particular attention to stretching before rigorous activity. Ironically, Laskowski's attention to stretching might have aggravated his condition.

"I think I might have actually been stretching too much, and maybe overworked it while trying to get healthy in that area," he said.

While he believes he also strained his groin a bit during workouts, just like other Colts have done during camp, Laskowski thinks he tore some of the scar tissue, which actually is part of the healing process. While quite painful for a few days, it actually helps in the long run as that new tissue that forms is often more flexible than the original post-surgery scar tissue.

Laskowski's surgeon had told him to expect quite a bit of pain and discomfort for up to a week without much relief. But both the surgeon and some of his teammates who have gone through the same process said that it was likely he would wake up one morning and feel practically normal again.

That day came on Friday for Laskowski, who was heading back to Terre Haute for camp and was feeling good again. And fortunately for him, he hasn't lost much ground over the past week because so many others on the depth chart missed time as well. Starters Bob Sanders and Mike Doss have been sidelined along with sixth-round pick Antoine Bethea. Dexter Reid, who got plenty of work in their absence, is now out with a dislocated shoulder.

"It's a minor setback, but hopefully not that big of a deal," Laskowski said. "I'll get back out there in the next couple of days."

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