Sunday Night Training Camp Insiders Report

The Colts got one star defensive player back on the field for Sunday night's practice, but an offensive star went down with an injury. And find out who made the big plays at Sunday night's practice with our Training Camp Insider Notes!

The Colts defense got a boost when Pro Bowl safety Bob Sanders returned to action. But before the night was over, the offensive would take a hit. Wide receiver Brandon Stokley was injured as he tried to make a catch on a high pass, but there's been no word yet on the severity of his injury.

Sitting out Sunday night's practice from the offense were QB Jim Sorgi, TE Ben Hartsock and G Ryan Lilja. The defense is still missing a slew of players, including cornerbacks Tim Jennings, Jason David, Nick Harper and Tanard Davis; LBs Freddie Keiaho, Johnathan Goddard and Kyle Killion; defensive linemen Justin Brown, Tim Johnson, Sweet Pea Burns, Gabe Nyenhuis, Montae Reagor, Corey Simon and Dwight Freeney; safeties Dexter Reid, Antoine Bethea, and Eric Hill.

TE Dallas Clark made a nice catch and then made a great move after pulling it in for a nice gain on a pass from Manning.

WR Marvin Harrison pulled in a long pass from Manning.

Shaun King tossed a pass in the direction of Aaron Moorehead, but cornerback Kelvin Hayden moved in nicely to break it up.

Dominic Rhodes fumbled during one of his runs, and Bob Sanders was right there to gobble it up. But Rhodes got everyone's attention on another play where he made a nice run after a catch.

On a running play by Kory Chapman, TE Ben Utecht put a nice block on linebacker Gilbert Gardner to help spring him for some extra yardage.

Gardner had his own noticeable play of the night though, foiling a pass to Chapman from Shaun King.

RB James Mungro showed really good concentration skills pulling in a pass from Shaun King that he initially bobbled.

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