Dungy's Training Camp Quotes

As the Colts worked through the final days of camp, head coach Tony Dungy answered some questions from the media about players such as Ben Utecht, Dwight Freeney, John Standeford and his thoughts on the undrafted free agents.

(on WR-John Standeford)
"John is going to be a good player. He works exceptionally hard, he's run routes for two years for us really well in terms of the practice squad, he catches the ball well. I think what he needs is an opportunity in a game. When he's had it, he's taken advantage of it. In the next couple of weeks he'll probably get more opportunities."

(on DB-Von Hutchins)
"Von is doing some good things for us. We've had all of these defensive injuries. He played a little bit of free safety the last couple of weeks and has shown that he's a versatile guy. He's a very smart player and that's always a plus when you can play more than one position."

(on TE-Ben Utecht)
"We think we have a good tight end group. Ben played well in spurts for us last year. When he didn't play, Bryan Fletcher played and played well. Ben Hartsock hasn't gotten a chance to play as much, but we feel like we have a lot of tight ends that we can use and take advantage of what they do."

(on the success of the young LBs)
"I think your whole team can put young people in if you structure it that way and if you have coaches that are willing to do it and willing to work with guys. That's the way we are all the way across the board, whether it's young offensive linemen or young linebackers. If you are not opposed to it mentally, you can get those guys ready. We don't do a lot in terms of different amounts of coverages and blitzes that we have, but our system, guys have to work at it and they have. Our young guys have worked hard, our coaches have worked hard with them and it's been fruitful."

(on LB-Gilbert Gardner)
"He's doing very well. He's waited for his turn. He's very anxious to play and I think if he stays healthy, he's going to have a great year."

(on DE-Dwight Freeney)
"You always talk about what you have to do to get better and play better. Playing better does not necessarily mean more stats, more tackles or more yards. Playing better can be the total game. I think that's where Dwight is right now. Every year is going to be tougher, and as you get more and more attention, more and more offenses will be designed to block you. You have to come up with things to increase your productivity and that's what he's doing."

(on the success of undrafted players)
"We've always felt that there's a lot of good players in the draft. You only have seven rounds and most of the time you only have seven picks, and there are more than seven good players that come to you every year. We've been very fortunate, Gary Brackett our defensive captain now. We have had a lot of success with guys. Josh Thomas has played very well for us when he's gotten an opportunity, Aaron Moorehead."

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