Colt Scout: New DL George Gause

With a number of players on the defensive line still recovering from injuries, the Colts added former Bills and Broncos prospect George Gause to their training camp roster. Jerry Langton fills you in on how he fits with the Colts.

George Gause
DT, South Carolina

6'5 (6047)/ 286 pounds/ 4.69 forty-speed

2005 stats: none

2006 preseason: 1 game, 1 tackle, 1 assist, 1 pressure

The player: Yep, his size/speed/strength numbers are real. And he used them to great effect in college where he ran over or around offensive linemen and made plenty of big plays. A solid tackler with quickness and good play recognition and ball awareness, Gause also played a little at linebacker, but appeared much more comfortable at end. On some plays in college, he looked like a sure first-rounder, but only on some. For all his speed and strength, Gause isn't an elite athlete and appeared to lack the agility and suddenness a top end requires. He's not a natural knee-bender, tends to play too high at times and relies far too heavily on basic, rudimentary pass-rush moves and can be redirected by smart tackles. Some Colts fans will recall Gause's sack of Jim Sorgi in the 2005 preseason game against the Bills.

How he fits: While Gause played defensive and outside linebacker in college and worked out at both positions on the Broncos' practice squad last year, the Colts have put him in at defensive tackle. It kind of makes sense. Gause is big and strong enough for the part and the deficiencies that prevented him from being a player outside could well be hidden inside. It's entirely possible he could make the team if he doesn't take any plays off (a charge leveled at him in college) and shows a little better pass-rush sophistication. He seemed to hold up well against Seattle.

Reminds me of: At end, he reminds me a lot of Calvin Pace, the former Cardinals first-rounder who washed out at end and is now being given a shot at outside linebacker.

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