Colts Post-Game Quotes

Find out what Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, wide receiver Reggie Wayne, running back Joseph Addai and linebacker Gilbert Gardner had to say on a variety of topics following the Colts preseason game Sunday night.


(on Jim Sorgi's injury)

"Obviously, I am concerned about it. He had that look on his face that he was in a lot of pain. Anytime you talk about a quarterback's arm or shoulder it is very concerning. It is always a sick feeling in the preseason, between Jim and James Mungro."

(on the blocking by the running backs)
"People are going to be analyzing that because Edgerrin had such big shoes to fill, since Edgerrin was such a solid pass protector. But I tell you, people think Dominic is a smaller guy, but he is a 218-pound running back and well put together. He is a physical back and he and Joe can play both kinds of games. They can shake and bake, make guys miss and pound it up in there. They are physical enough to take on linebackers and take on safeties versus the blitz. I think that is something teams will try to test us on. I feel good about both those guys in the pass protection game."

(on the drives by the first unit)
"It was certainly good to move the ball. We came out and really wanted to make a point to run the ball. St. Louis blitzed us a bunch last week and it did not give us good run looks. We really made a point to run the ball and give both Dominic and Joe chances with the ball in their hands, get used to cutting off the line, the tight ends and the wide receivers, so there were a lot of carries. I think the first four plays were all runs. That set up the touchdown pass to Reggie (Wayne). We had some 3rd and longs which we do not like to have, but it's nice when you can overcome those 3rd and longs. It's nice to overcome those and make big plays."


(on improvement from last week)
"I felt better, and I'm getting more comfortable with the offense, playing with the first and second teams."

(on what his focus was in his second pre-season game )
"The main thing was just to go out tonight and be patient, relax and let it come."


(on the offense having its timing down already this season)
"Hard work and dedication. We're out there on West 56th Street enough, and now it's just turning it over into games. We have a lot of guys who've been in the system for some years now, so we don't have much that's new. We just have to get out there and get it done."


(on the improvement of the defense)
"Things are coming. We have some guys who are banged up and we also have some guys coming back, maybe in a couple days. But every week we are getting more and more healthy, so by game one (in the regular season) we should be good."

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